• On 16 Jul | '2021

Greeting Loyal Airmen, as many of your know the Air Chief writes a regular book review blog on the internet called “Pulp Fiction Reviews Blog.” Simply type that into your browser it will pull it up. We’ve been at that for almost twenty years. Lots of reviews done in that time. Whereas we tend to keep this weekly Flight Log to our other interest. But every now and then a book comes our way we really have to share with all you Loyal Airmen.


“Five Decembers” by James Kestrel is a murder mystery that takes place during World War II and is a truly powerful, amazing book. The crime happens in Honolulu a week before the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7th Dec 1941 and the detective spend the next five years chasing the killer. It is nothing short of a great book and one we can’t recommend highly enough. Please, if you love great fiction, find this book.


Finally, whereas there isn’t much new to report on at all this week, the Air Chief still recovering ever so slow from his recent surgery, we thought we’d treat you to some Sherlock Holmes goodies. We are currently assembling Consulting Detective Vol 17 which will feature this stunning dramatic cover by artist Chris Rawding and five amazing new mysteries.  Look for it to come your way in another week or two.  And that’s it from here. Hopefully we’ll have more to relate next week. Till then thanks for stopping by.

Ron  – Over & Out!

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