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Greetings Loyal Airmen, and welcome to this week’s Flight Log. As you’ll recall, our last entry was relatively short and we left off hoping today’s would have a little more fun stuff to share. Well check out the picture below.


One of the Air Chief’s good friends here in Fort Collins, is Mike Baron, one of the all time great comic book writers, having won the Eisner Award twice. He’s famous for having created both Nexus, with Steve Rude, and the Badger. Well a day after we got home from the hospital after our prostate surgery, Mike left me a message suggesting we get together and that he had something for me. We in return asked if he and his lovely wife, Ann, would like join the Air Chief and Val for breakfast the following Sat. at a local restaurant. It had been a long while since all four of us had hooked up. Mike happily agreed.


So last Sat morning Val and the Air Chief arrive at the restaurant to find the Barons awaiting us, and Mike holding this toy airship in his hands. It was something he’d picked up at flea market many years ago, still in the package and all. Knowing of our love of airships, he wanted me to have it. We were bowled over by his thoughtfulness. Having good friends is the real treasure in life. Then we all sat down to eat and share each others company for the next hour. It was a really fun time and one we need to do more often. Meanwhile, thanks again, Mike, we’ve already placed it on a shelf in our office.


And while ago we reported how Aiden Belcher had joined us and artist Gary Kato in getting “Return to Never Land” back in print. This was a 52 full color comic Gary and the Air Chief had done for Malibu comics ages ago and it has long since been out of print. Whereas Gary and the Air Chief had all the original pages in our possession, all that required in getting a new edition published via Rob Davis’ Redbud Studio comics was finding a super talented colorist. And us good fortune would have it, we find that fellow in artist Mike Belcher’s son, Aiden. As you recall, Mike and the Air Chief, along with Aiden, are currently producing a brand new Black Bat graphic novel. Anyways, here are two more completed Peter Pan pages by Aiden. We love them and know that when completed, this new edition is going to be fantastic.

Dragonthroat illo #5

And finally, Airship 27 is currently producing author Teel James Glenn terrific sword and sorcery novel called “Dragonthroat” with amazing artist Chris Nye doing the interior illustrations. Above is the most recent we wanted to share with you.  If you enjoy S & S adventures, you won’t want to miss this one.

And that’s a wrap for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!

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