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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we are sure most of you will recall that early this past summer we found a company in North Carolina that did wonderful, inexpensive embroidery. So the Air Chief had a bunch of red baseball caps made with our Airship 27 logo. Well with winter coming on, we thought it might be wise to order a knit cap, this time in blue, with our high-flying symbol. It arrived the other day and we couldn’t be more delighted. The quality is top notch and will keep our old nogging nice and warm on those snappy cold days ahead.


The big news this week is after a full year of production, we’ve finally assembled the third issue of FRONT RANGE TALES, as written by the seven students in my Fall of 2018 course in How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels. We tip our hats to the seven generous pro artists who gave of their time and talents to illustrate these scripts. They are Zane DeGain, Mike Belcher, Luis Rivera, Sam Salas, Gary Kato, Dario Carrasco and our pal Rob Davis who also is the publisher via his Redbud Studio. This issue was printed at Amazon and is available there should any of you Loyal Airmen be interested in picking up a copy. Meanwhile the Air Chief has one session left with his current class and we’re pretty sure they are going to want to do a comic too. We’ll keep you posted.


On Thursday afternoon, we posted an old Mr. Jigsaw sketch done by our pal Rob Davis.  Not ten minutes later, Jiggy super fan, Nicholas Roberts shared the above pin-up with us. He commissioned it from artist Wyatt Aguirre and we absolutely love it. Thanks so much Nicholas.

And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log Loyal Airmen. We want to leave by wishing all of you a great Happy Thanksgiving.  Be sure to be back here next Friday as we’ll have some really exciting news about a new book release that is near and dear to the Air Chief. Till then, take care.

Ron – Over & Out!

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