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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we are thrilled to bring you all up to speed on a short little radio play we wrote several years ago called – NIGHT ARMY.


This is the story of ON ANOTHER WAVELENGTH audio anthology series coming soon from Evcol Entertainment’s productions.  Adam Dechanel and his co-producer/director Simon, began working on a 20 episode audio anthology project at the end of 2019. The idea was to create a sort of ‘Audio Twilight Zone’ if you like, with original audio dramas that have a running time of 5 – 20 minutes. They began recording but then the COVID 19 outbreak happened and it almost put a dampener on the entire project. However, they managed to get around the social-distancing issue with actors recording their individual lines in their home studios, which were then sent to their soundscape editor [the amazing Zachary Elliott-Hatton], who spliced each line into place and then added them to the individual soundscapes that he was creating. A painstaking task to say the least.
They have now completed 11 of the first 20 productions. One of which is NIGHT ARMY, written by the Air Chief and tells story of a dream we had over 53 yrs ago and still haunts us to this day. Having heard the finished production (it last a little over 7 minutes) we were simply astounded. Simon and Adam are now going to start recording the final 9 of the first series and then all will be available on the website — though some will be uploaded to YouTube for promotional purposes. Of course we will keep you all posted and once they are available for public download, we’ll let all you Loyal Airmen know.
Now for a little film fun. Obviously all you Loyal Airmen know how much we love airships and have always been fascinated by early Hollywood films that depicted. Over the years we had learned of an early Cecil B. DeMille movie released in 1930 called “Madam Satan” and described pretty much as a musical comedy. It tells the story of a high society married couple having problems. The lovely Kay Johnson is afraid her husband, Reginald Denny, has become bored with her and is quickly becoming enamored of the young brunette entertainer Trixie, played by Lillian Roth. Eventually the wife confronts the younger girl who confesses she has been seeing her husband. Shen then accuses the wife of having becoming boring and that is why she is losing her husband’s attention. Upon hearing this, the wife vows to win her husband back any way she can.
When she learns her husband will be attending a gala masquerade dance aboard a giant airship, she whips up a rather risque, sexy outfit and arrives at the event as the Mysterious Madam Satan. Her husband, as well as all the other men at the affair, are immediately mesmerized by her and all vie for her attention. Hubby wins and begins to woo her, never realizing he’s romancing his own wife.
When a sudden electrical storm suddenly appears, it shakes the giant airship off its moorings and it slowly begins to break up. The crew hurriedly begin hustling all the passengers into parachutes to make their escapes. The scenes of people in costume scrambling around to don their shutes and get thrown out of the gondola by the air crew has to be seen. Really wild. Meanwhile, wife takes off her mask, reveals her identity and hubby realizes what a fool he’s been. He, like everyone else, makes it off the shop and the flick ends with them back in their luxury apartment with him vowing to never stray again, while she also promises to be more carefree and recapture the fun they had while courting.
All in all “Madam Satan” is a madcap, screwball comedy that Hollywood was so fond of making in the 30s and still holds up quite well to this. We finally managed to pick up a copy from Amazon and enjoyed watching it a great deal. And that airship…WOW.
And that’s our Flight Log for this week.  As ever, thanks for stopping by.
Ron – Over & Out!

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