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Greeting Loyal Airmen, this is what we woke up to this past Monday morning. Winter has officially come to Fort Collins. Snow most of the morning, then by midday the sun came out and melted everything. That’s the advantage of living at such a high elevation and being nearer to the sun. Still, we can expect more of this as the weeks ahead take us further into the season.


As we told you last week, over the past weekend the Air Chief and his writing pal, Todd Jones, headed out to Scottsbluff, Nebraska for a comic event held in one their shopping malls.  First time the Air Chief had ever done such an appearance and it turned out great. Above you see Todd to the left, and us on the right. Funny thing is, this venue being so public, we had as many people stop by our table who hadn’t heard a word about the event as those who had. All total, it was great in the end because we did meet so many wonderful people and sold a whole lot of books. Enough so that the Mall Manager has hinted she will invited as back again next year.  Wahoo.

Ron Fortier 2

And now for some more fun news. While attending this year’s Rocky Mountain Con with Valerie, we got to talking to our good friend, Rio Herrera.  In the past few years Rio has become involved with promoting one of Colorado’s oldest comicbook events, Comicfest held in downtown Denver each year.  Well, he and his associated have invited the Air Chief to be their Guest of Honor at next year’s show and we were deeply honored. Here’s the first promotional poster announcing that appearance with a link to their website. Naturally as time goes by, we’ll fill you in on lots more details.

We see the DC superhero TV shows are back.  Hmm, not overly excited about that fact.  We gave up on Gotham several years ago, as it really had nothing to do with the Batman of the comics. Then Supergirl went off the rails with its second season, focusing on gay issues rather than solid stories and we quit it fast. Now the Air Chief finds himself recalling last years rather awful seasons of both Flash and Arrow and we just don’t care about either any more. Which pretty much leaves the oddball Legends of Tomorrow, which has somehow managed to maintain some elements of fun. Here’s hoping they stay on that track.

Ron – Over & Out!

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