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Well Loyal Airmen, another Rocky Mountain Con is now in the rearview mirror. This past weekend, the Air Chief and Val, along with tons of fellow Colorado comic creators headed down to Denver and Tim Moret’s amazing little con.


We love this show so much, we always refer to it as our Home Con.


Our neighbors to the left of us including the always fun Shelby Sowerby, Arnie Davila-Toro and writer Mike Baron.


Artist and Army Veteran Kevin Smith took a few minutes to stop drawing amazing artwork and help the Air Chief pitch our comics action adventure series BLACK LION.  Issues 1 & 2 are now available with # 3 in production.


Muc to our delight, comics letterer Mike Rickabee stopped the show to say hi. Mike had lettered a short horror story we’d written years ago. It was great to finally meet him. Note at up left, taking a picture of us together is another pro letterer, our pal James Gaubatz.


Though you can barely see him in the picture above, Fort Collins artist and pal, Zane DeGaine was there with his Pulp Fission comics. His lovely wife Olivia was with him Sat but couldn’t join us on Sunday. Above is a page of doodles Zane did of their dog Morty between talking with fans.


Other friends attending the show were, from left to right, writer/publisher Todd Jones of Wicked Awesome Tales, artist Felipe Echevaria and artist Tom Webster.


Of course what’s a con without some silly cos-playing. Valerie snapped the shot of this ALF early Sat. morning. He gave us all a good laugh. One of the show’s highlights was our dinner Sat where friend joined helped wish the Air Chief a belated Happy 73rd Birthday. From left to right going around the table, we have Matt, James, Olivia & Zen, the Air Chief (at head of the table) Valerie, veteran artist Bob Hall hamming it up, Todd and the host and promoter of Rocky Mountain Con, Mr. Tim Moret, our dear, dear friend.  Thanks ever Tim for another super fantastic con.


We are always fascinated after the end of any convention appearance to see what particular titles of ours did well the show. For this Rocky Mountain Con the two top sellers on our table were as far apart thematically as possible. For the kids and their parents, we had the MR. JIGSAW SPECIAL – How To Make A Comic.  Since publishing this fun comic a few years back, we are constantly selling out of them. Young creators love the idea of using the actual script in the book to try and draw their own versions of the story and compare them later with artist Gary Kato’s renditions. As for the more adventuresome adults at the con, our ever popular erotic horror romance, DAUGHTER OF DRACULA was again a big seller. Years ago comics writer and reviewer Tony Isabella bemoaned the fact that there is no longer a Hammer Film Studio because upon reading this graphic novel, Tony swore it would have made a perfect Hammer movie. Who are we to argue. Maybe some day another film company will see what he, and hundreds of fans have as well.

And that’s this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

Ron – Over & Out!

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