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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well, we’re home after a long week down at Florida for vacation.  Most that was fun while the second half of week turned ugly fast.  Val and the Air Chief had been looking forward to see the new Avatar Flight of the Banshee simulation ride for some time.


The idea is combining a motion bike in which we are strapped in with a giant 3-D virtual reality screen. Once the ride begins, the participant totally feels as if he or she is atop a flying Banshee soaring high over the alien world of Pandora. Above is the entrance to the labs which one arrives at after a lengthy wait in line. Patience is required.


Once inside the facility, we go through labs and even saw Sully in his avatar body. Then it was onto the ride itself which was one of the most thrilling experiences the Air Chief has ever had. Absolutely amazing.


When entering the facility, we passed under the floating islands of Pandora.  Just incredible work.


At the center of of all of this area was the giant Tree as seen in the movie.  All in all, the Avatar Experience is one we will never ever forget.


The following day it was off to Harry Porter world. Joining us on the train to Hogwort, was our brother-in-law Gus and wife Barbara. Above is a shot of Gus and the Air Chief.  The train runs between Hogwort Castle and Diagon Alley.


And here’s Val and the Air Chief at the heart of Diagon Alley.


And here’s the famous Gringoths bank run by goblin.  Air Chief wondered if he could get a loan.


The castle itself was a sight to behold. For we Harry Porter fans, and the Air Chief has been so from day one, it was a joy to be there.


Snow capped roofs no less.


And a rather mysterious figure suddenly materialized before us. More about him later.


A final park stop was SKULL ISLAND – REIGN OF KONG. As KING KONG is the Air Chief’s all time favorite flick, this was another fun stop.  All in all the parks experience was exciting. Unfortunately somewhere in all those crowds, we fell victim to some nasty bugs and ended up with bronchitis. Thankfully Orlando, no doubt due to its heavy tourist population, has lots of Urgent Care walk-in clinics and we found one quick. Within thirty minutes of walking in, the Air Chief was examined, diagnosed and given a strong prescription for antibiotics. Back home now and the meds are doing their job.  Traveling is a hoot, but in the end, Loyal Airmen, it is always great to come home.


While gone last week, we posted a peek at our newest Airship 27 Productions and it is now out and available at Amazon.  SUN KOH – Heir to Atlantis is by Dr. Art Sippo, this is a new edition of the book Art original released almost seven years ago.  It quickly went out of print and we were thrilled to bring it back. It features a classic pre-World War II German pulp hero. The story is fast paced pulp action unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.


On the comics front, Spanish artist Cesar Madarro completed as yet another page for our short western strip, “The Silent Gun.” Air Chief believes he has one more page to go and that’s wrap. Then time to put the darn thing in a comic book.

And that’s our Flight Log for this week Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!

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