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Greeting Loyal Airmen, things have been a bit slow on both the comics and pulp fronts this past week (though trust me, both will pick up again soon) whereas the excitement here has been watching the start of the second half of this year’s baseball season.


Two years ago David Ortiz retired from baseball after a stellar career with our beloved Red Sox as perhaps the greatest Designated Hitter of all time. So last year, as well as the team did, it was always obvious a big piece was missing; an important piece. Thus even with winning the Division for the second year in a row, the Sox simply couldn’t get beyond the first round of play-offs for a second year. Frustrating to say the least. All we Sox fans were well aware of what was needed and early this Spring, after a long winter of waiting, the Front Office went and signed slugger J.D. Martinez to fill that missing piece. Well, if you follow the sport at all, you know by now that Martinez has delivered and is on course to win the Triple Crown of baseball, what with On Base Percentage, RBIs and the killer stat, most Home-runs.  He has re-energized the team and behind him every single player, ala the amazing Mookie Betts, Jack Bradley Junior, Andrew Benendendi, Mitch Moreland and all the others are have an amazing championship season.  Thus far having won over 80 games, 25 of their last 30 and on track to becoming one of the greatest teams in Red Sox history. Believe us, this has been season to marvel at and it is only going to get wilder come October. Oh, yeah!


Two years ago, we released THE DEAD SHERIFF by the late Mark Justice, our good friend and truly gifted writer. At that time we also made a promise to Mark’s wife Norma Kay Justice, that we would complete the second book in this series. At the time of his passing, Mark had written 30,000 words of this unfinished manuscript. Over the past three months, the Air Chief was finally able to pick up the tale and produce another 35,000 words and wrap up what we will eventually be publishing as Mark Justice’s The Dead Sheriff # 2 Cannibals & Bloodsuckers. At present, Canadian artist Art Cooper is doing 9 black and white illustrations for this second book and when done, cover artist Zachary Brunner (who did the first seen above) will also paint the second. It is our fondest hope to have this new book out in a month, two at the tops. Meanwhile, volume is still very much available at Amazon in both paperback, on Kindle and as an audio book via – If you enjoy weird westerns we hope you’ll give it a try.


Finally, if all goes well, our next title from Airship 27 Productions should be PULP MYTHOLOGY Vol # 1, which we are all very excited about. It features such classic heroes as Hercules, Achilles, the Monkey King and Beowulf. Above is one of Clayton Hinkle’s wonderful interior illustrations for the book, this one features Hercules sailing off to another adventure. Look for this book in a few more weeks as well.

And that’s a wrap for this week Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks so much for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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