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Greetings Loyal Airmen, looks like we once again have lots of things to share with you so let’s jump right in, okay.


Last week we gave you a heads up that the latest issue of “MR. JIGSAW, Man of a Thousand Parts” had been completed was off to Indy Planet for printing. Whereas it will be at least a month before the good folks at Ka-Blam printing have it ready for ordering as a single issue. Now as many of you know, every time we put out three issues of the comic, when then collect them in a larger format we call “THE ADVENTURES OF MR. JIGSAW” and we publish this series from Amazon. Okay, so this being issue # 18, it mean we could do a new collection and Editor Rob Davis went ahead and assembled Vol 6 of this series and it is NOW available at Amazon. (See cover to upper right.) It contains all of issues 16 – 17 & 18 and those of you old enough to remember golden age titles, artist Gary Kato’s cover is our homage to the classic first ever cover of DC’s Justice Society of America. So whether you want to wait for the single issue # 18 (and we will let you know when it is out and available) or pick up this new volume of “Adventures” from Amazon, thanks so much for your continued support. We are still wowed by the longevity of this character/series. Gary and the Air Chief created Jiggy well over forty years ago. Wow. That’s a long time.



A few years ago, before Covid times, artist Mike Belcher and the Air Chief announced we would be doing a full length graphic novel telling the story of the classic pulp hero, The Black Bat. This would be the first time his origin would be done in comic format. After we wrote the script, Mike began doing all kinds of great sketches of the characters.


Above left to right are Tony Quinn, Silk, Butch & Carol Baldwin, the cast. Mike even penciled and inked several pages from the opening sequence. Sadly Covid hit and pretty much derailed the projects, as all of us found ourselves having to deal with shots, social distancing and everything else what went with that awful time. Happily Mike’s family and our own were touched by that plague and now it looks we’re about to re-launch the project. Last week Mike made the announcement on Facebook along with the image below.


Here’s Mike Press Release. “A delayed project due to having way too many other things going on. A brilliant and moving script by  Ron Fortier, it bridges the classic pulp origin to comics. My hope is to get production back on track this year. When published, it will be magazine sized like graphic novels of the 80s.”  This is news we are so happy and thrilled to be bringing along with that new cover piece by Mike. Will it be the official cover? Don’t know. Still a long while before Mike finishes this thing. But in the meantime we’ll be sure to keep you posted.



As all you Loyal Airmen are aware, Airship 27 publishes a showcase anthology series called. “MYSTERY MEN (& Women) and in every issue we introduce brand new pulp heroes to the our fans. Back in Vol 8 which we released last year (cover up at left by Rob Davis) writer Mark Allen Van gave us the story of a mob hitman named Stephen Killdare who was rescued from death by none other than Satan. The Master of Hell now commands Stephen, as KILLDEVIL, to do his bidding.  Above center is the sketch Rob did for that story. Now the writer, using the on-line site, Forge, has put together a Killdevil action figure at upper right. Forge allows customers to assemble various elements, ala shoes, clothes, weapons, hats etc. to custom create their own figures. We think Mark did a pretty decent job of capturing Killdevil and has himself a really nifty new toy.



Artist Olivia DeGaine is hard at work on the third issue of “The Wooden Blade.” She is doing a truly awesome job as we continue to the adventures of Raizee the Ram and is pal, Orai the Vulture. Olivia is truly doing an amazing job with this comic series and with fingers crossed we may have this issue done in time for the Wicked West Comic Expo.


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After Silverline Comics successful Kickstarter to release “Beyond the Stars” issue # 1, artist Andrea Bormida turned to focusing his efforts on several of his other of his on-going projects. Most professional artists work on several series at the same time. It helps them be more creative and by always focusing on the same story or characters daily. So now, after that brief hiatus, Andrea is nearing the completion of issue # 2. Above at left are his pencils for Pg # 19. Meaning there are only three more pages and the issue wraps. At the same time he began toying with a cover idea, center and to right above. We love the composition and can’t wait to reveal it in its entirety when the book is finished. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen.



Finally we’re going to leave you with a really awesome sneak peek. A few weeks ago we mentioned the fact that we had a brand new “Mark Justice’s The Dead Sheriff” novel in the works. This one was written by Phillip Pan and features our zombie lawman in the Canadian Rockies where he encounters the legendary Sasquatch better known as Bigfoot. Art Director Rob Davis is drawing the 9 black and white interior illustrations with artist Michael Youngblood doing the cover. Michael just turned in the rough pencil sketch above and both Rob and the Air Chief were bowled over. This is going to be make a truly awesome cover. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, it should be coming you way very soon now.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Thanks as ever for stopping by and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!



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