Greetings Loyal Airmen, we are thrilled with this week’s Flight Log to announce the fourth book in our Brother Bones series, City of Lost Souls, was released last Saturday and word of it has been spreading across the internet like wildfire.


Behind a brilliant cover by artist Michael Stribling, Brother Bones – City of Lost Souls, feature five new tales of Cape Noire’s Undead Avenger; “The Hideout,” three small time hoods are after the reward to take down Bones. “A Taste of Cherry Pie,” gorilla mobster Harry Beest and his sweet tooth. “Then and Now,” a glimpse back into the life of killer Tommy Bonello…before he died and was reborn as Brother Bones. “The Synthetic Man,” our longest Bones story ever and it features a classic pulp villain from the pages of Weird Tales; Doctor Satan. And finally shorty entitled, “Good Luck, Bad Luck,” which wraps it all up and seals the fate of one of Cape Noire’s little gangster. Bones3-4

As ever the book features great black and white interiors by Rob Davis, 10 total in this volume alone. Each a masterpiece.


And to add frosting to the cake, several days after its premier, Radio Archives announced that veteran voice actor Scott Bennett had signed on to do the audio book. Scott has read all three previous Bones books and has a real affection for the series and its macabre characters. His narrations are full of drama and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to hear him read these new adventures.  As ever, Brother Bones – City of Lost Souls is available at Amazon right now in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you’ll get it a try and thanks every for your continued support.


Finally, we’d like to address a problem that has unjustly plagued us for a long while. When we first posted the very first Brother Bones book (cover above) at Amazon, we inadvertently put up the un-proofed files. They were riddled with typos. Something we were not aware of until buyers began leaving negative reviews.  We then immediately pulled those files and had them ALL CORRECTED…typos eliminated etc. Then re-posted the clean edition which is what you get when you now order the book from Amazon.  BUT…Amazon will not remove those old negative reviews and they continue to scare off would buyers. It’s unfair and they really should change their policies, but don’t hold your breath. The only way we can deal with the issue is to let you, our Loyal Airmen, know the entire story and ask you to spread throughout out pulp fandom.  The edition on sale at Amazon IS A CLEAN COPY.  And there you have it. Thanks for your help…and as ever for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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