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Brothers Twins

Greeting Loyal Airmen, well the folks behind the new Brother Bones Web Series aren’t letting any moss grow under their feet as their new website is starting to come alive with the biographies of all the talented people joining the production team. You can find the website at the link below

(  Do check it out. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


And now for the sad news. Earlier in the year we reported that artist Chris Nye had signed on to draw the 130 pg original graphic novel of Brother Bones. Now, at the time Chris had been dealing with health issues involving his eyes and he is currently having to go through a series of surgeries to correct them. Not ever a pleasant thing and especially for an artist like Chris. As time neared for the surgeries, he found himself caught up in lots of other things, older projects demanding his attention and the reality that the use of his sight might be limited for a while as he recovers from what we all hope is a very successful surgery. Thus earlier in the week, Chris wrote asking to be released from the Bones project as the length is too much for him now. Whereas he at the same time offered to do smaller projects for Airship 27. Chris is really a great guy and his professionalism unquestioned. After reading his letter, the Air Chief knew immediately that we would grant his wish with absolutely no hard feelings. We value his friendship a great deal. So…Loyal Airmen, it would appear the Brother Bones graphic novel is back to square one as we begin anew a search for a graphic artist. Meanwhile, always true to his word, Chris is now doing illustrations for a new fantasy novel by Mike Bullock called RUNEMASTER, which Airship 27 will be publishing when completed. And as ever, Chris’ work is stunning. In the meanwhile, we’d ask all of you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes those crucial operations to restore his sight. Thanks ever.

Ron – Over & Out!

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