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Greetings Loyal Airmen, while driving through nearby Loveland last Saturday afternoon, we came across a truly amazing site. Over one hundred mountain elks had come down out of the foothills and were grazing in a wide open fields just outside of town. It is really rate that these magnificent animals come down so close to any population center. Weather men have been saying many creeks and ponds have dried up recently and this may be one of the reasons the herd moved south. Still in all it was a memorable sight we wanted to share with you.


As most of you Loyal Airmen are aware, the Air Chief writes a regular review blog titles PULP FICTION REVIEWS. We don’t often share those reviews here, but in this case we wanted to make an exception.  This is a charming little book by writer/editor Jonathan W. Sweet that is a marvelous introduction to what pulp fiction is/was, its history and place in American Literature. He published it via his ( where you can find copies for sale. Meanwhile, here’s the link to our review. (

Ravenwood #3

Another B pulp hero from the 40s was Ravenwood – The Stepson of Mystery. To date Airship 27 Productions has published three anthologies featuring this occult detective and now we’ve volume four in production. The book is going to have 12 black and white interior illustrations by artist Ed Catto who is doing an amazing job with them. So much so we had to give all you Loyal Airmen a sneak-peek here.  Fingers crossed the book will be out in another month or so. We’ll keep you posted.


Finally, the mail this week brought the Air Chief a couple of real treasures. One is a classic Republic serial, “Perils of Nyoka” delivered in a crisp, sharp blu-ray format. We’re hoping to eventually get many of those already in our collection as more and more companies transfer them to this superior version. The second is the entire season of a short lived TV show based on mystery writer Rex Stout’s famous sleuth Nero Wolfe. It started William Conrad as the rotund, beer loving Wolfe and the Lee Horsley as his debonair assistant P.I. Archie Goodwin. Remember this series fondly and we are thrilled to be able to view them again at our leisure.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next week.

Ron – Over & Out!

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