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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week’s Flight Log covers a wide variety of topics so let’s get started.


When editor Christopher Sequeira asked how we wished to be paid for my Sherlock Holmes story now in the new anthology, “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not,” we asked if instead of cash, we be paid in copies. This afternoon two hernia inducing boxes were waiting for us at the post office. Oh yeah!! The Air Chief now has lots of copies and can’t wait to put them out on our table at the rest of the cons we will be appearing at this year. Am so damn proud of this book. Thanks again, Chris.


One of the things we love to do here is every so often showcase some really wonderful artwork by our comics colleagues. Above are two really wonderful pieces. The dinosaur is by Jeff Slemons, our neighbor here in Fort Collins, who is doing a series of them for a project. If you are on Facebook go to his page and check out a few others. While the other is of a beautiful pirate queen as done by my friend (and partner) Cesar Feliciano of Florida. Cesar is the talented the Air Chief is doing the new graphic novel series, JIN & TONIK with. We thought you’d enjoy seeing these.


And now for more great news that just arrived yesterday. The new Johnny Dollar anthology edited by Tommy Hancock was just released by Moonstone Books. Johnny Dollar was a radio program during the golden age of radio and Dollar was an investigator who worked for insurance companies. Several (and I do mean several) years ago, Tommy approached us about writing a story for this collection. After listening to several episodes of the actual radio melodrama on the internet, the Air Chief came up with a plot and wrote a story that was ultimately accepted for the book. Then came many years of waiting for all kinds of reasons. Still Tommy and we writers hung in there always having faith the book would eventually see the light of day. And now it has, Loyal Airmen. But you can only purchase it at the Moonstone book site on-line. The link is below.  There are two editions. The softcover (above to the left) features a cover by Doug Klauba, while the more expensive hardcover features a cover by Adam Shaw (above at right) with a bonus Johnny Dollar 48 pg comic strip adventure. Anyway, that now makes two of our short stories appearing within months of each other. Turning out to be a good year.

Moonstone link (

And there you have this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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