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  • On 10 May | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen. So here we were fresh from our great time the Denver Comicfest when the very next Saturday saw us once again joining the fun for Free Comic Book Day at Gryphons Games & Comics here in Fort Collins. The Air Chief has been part of this event at this store since moving here nine years ago. And as ever it was one super fun day.  We took a few pictures and borrowed a few others for you to get a glimpse.


Events like this requiring lots of hard work and nobody works harder than shop owner Liana Sanders and her husband Sherman. She was right there first thing Sat. greeting all the excited customers, handing out pins and organizing a colorful group of knightly cos-players.


Once the doors were open, fans entered single file, grabbed some very cool “free” comics and then proceeded into the store’s main rooms to check out all the goodies and meet some of the creators who were on hand to help make the day truly special.


At upper left is artist Ben Mikklesen, while at right writer James Powell was a first timer at this event, now that his horror title is being published by IDW. Here he’s talking to artist amigo, Abe Akins.


Around the corner we had artist Tom Webster, at upper left, with one of the staff at the shop. Then the photo to the right shows artist Laurissa Hughes talking to young fans. Laurissa and her partner drove all the way up from Denver to do this show with us.


And here’s Abe at his own table talking to a local fan and his daughter, while back by the front entrance, artist Lee Oaks and the Air Chief took a second to pose for the camera. Behind us is our colorful banner.


As ever our table was overflowing with comics like our popular Mr.Jigsaw Man of a Thousand Parts series, and we also had some of our pulp titles to included Brother Bones the Undead Avenger. Here we are signing an issue of Mr. Jigsaw for a young fan while Lee’s son, Jonas, takes a second to look at all the covers on our banner.


We so love meeting young boys and girls whose parents encourage them to read. It is that kind of guidance and support that will enrich their lives. And we need to acknowledge the one person responsible for coordinating all us writers and artists in appearing at the shop was my Official Protege, writer Todd Jones. Beside all the other activities going on that day, Todd organized a madcap contest called The Draw Off, where every creator, be it writer or artist, had to draw vs another creator….much like pictionary, only on a larger scale. Above, Todd and the Air Chief take suggestions from the audience as to what we should draw…or at least attempt to draw.


First such challenge was to draw an armor wearing goat…which resulted in a draw by the show of hands. So we went into a second round to draw a merged penguin & ostrich, to which Todd easily won. Leaving the Air Chief laughing to the point of tears.


As the draw off continued, Todd squared off against Ben.  Then it was Lee’s time to take up the gauntlet.


In the end the final battle was between Nat Perez and a talented young lady, while Todd continued to orchestrate the contest. Meanwhile, during a rare lull, Lee and the Air Chief had a few minutes to get caught up on what we’ve been up since we last saw each other.


Now one of the most adorable participants to the event was three month old, Henry Herndon, son of local artist Jeff Herndon and his wife Jamie. Honestly, little Henry was such a good baby all day long, but by mid-afternoon, in his mother’s arms, he was gonzo, learning what all of us have learned, FDBD days are fun…but also exhausting. Still we can’t wait till it rolls around next year. The Air Chief hopes all you Loyal Airmen had similar experiences where ever you enjoyed the day.


Earlier this year, Canadian artist Ted Hammond won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Cover of 2018. The cover was to Airship 27 Productions’ “Jezebel Johnston – Vol 4, Mourning Star” by Nancy Hansen. We are now thrilled to announce that Ted has signed on to do the cover to the 5th book in the series, “Jezebel Johnston – Vol 5, Danseuse” currently in production.  Here Ted shows off his award. Once again our congratulations to him and all the PFA winners.

And there you have this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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