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Greeting Loyal Airmen, well this past weekend Valerie & the Air Chief had a great time at the fourth annual Fort Collins Comic Con. This is our local show where all the profits from the con go to the local library district in support of a half dozen libraries in the area. We set up our table early Friday afternoon, see pix on left above and then come Sat morning, all the guests had done the same and the doors were opened to the public. Our friend Olivia DeGaine snapped the second picture from the balcony and you can see the Air Chief to the upper left corner and the fellow in the checkered shirt behind us is Olivia’s husband and art partner, Zane.


Many of our Fort Collins comic colleagues were on hand including Todd Jones to the left, who is one of the staff and does a great deal to make this show a success. Then here’s a better better shot of Zane & Olivia DeGaine.


Jamie & Jeff Herndon.  Jeff’s one of the premier genre painters in Colorado and his work is stunning. Then we have a shot of high school artist Jon Bonjour and the Air Chief. We’ve known Jon for several years and his talent continues to evolve.


Finally, here’s a shot of Val and the Air Chief taken the first day of the con, where we got to meet a genuine Hollywood sci-fi star, R2-D2. Never know what you’ll find at cons.


We are always intrigued by what books sell the most at each show. This time we only sold a very few pulp titles, whereas in the comics on our table, the big sellers were our How To Make A Comic Book which always goes over extremely well with parents who have children wanting to learn how to write and draw comics. And then, to our delight, the graphic novel The Boston Bombers sold extremely well…and as expected, to our female fans. Several mentioned still not being able to find enough comics centered around strong women. We tend to agree and we’re happy to have Bombers here for them.


On the home front, the carpenter finished building the bookshelves for our new office. Wahoo!!  When we first moved to Colorado from New Hampshire seven years ago, many of the Air Chief’s books, CDs and DVDs were packed away in boxes…which have  yet to be unopened. Now that we have a new house, the carpenter was hired and shortly you will be seeing pictures of these same shelves completely lost from sight under our stuff.  Wahooo!  Our friends at FB started a pool to see how fast they would get filled up. Check back here next Friday, Loyal Airmen.


And finally, amidst all this activity, we actually managed to release a new Airship 27 Pulp title this past week.  CAPTAIN ACTION 3 – CRY OF THE JUNGLE LORD is our third Captain Action pulp adventure as written by Jim Beard.  Assisting Jim this time around was fellow New Pulp scribe, Barry Reese. And they delivered a knock out tale we know you are going to love. Art Director Rob Davis provided the interior illustrations and the ever amazing Ted Hammond this gorgeous. Look for it at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. And as ever, thanks so much for your support.

Ron – Over & Out!

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