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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well, after the awful Covid Year of 2020, with no cons or events, we’re happy to report that tomorrow, 14th Aug, Gryphons Games & Comics here in Fort Collins will be hosting this year’s Free Comic Book Day. This is an annual event and one we sorely missed last year.


It’s a chance for local creators to appear and mix with local comic fans all day long. Whereas the Air Chief had commissioned a brand new convention banner at the end of 2019 which once picked up, never had a chance to be opened and displayed. And so all that changes tomorrow. Above is our good friend, Calvin Hyland, who assisted the Air Chief last weekend in taking out the banner and setting it up for the very first time. It’s all good to go and we can’t wait for our friends to see it.


On other news, the 7 min radio melodrama we wrote, “Night Army” produced by that British internet radio studio is now available for download sale at their website. See link below.



On the comic book front, artist Mike Belcher continues to work on our Black Bat graphic novel project. This past week, he took a breather from the actual panel pages to knock out this fantastic pin-up piece. As always the coloring is by his also talented son, Aiden.


Finally the Air Chief has always loved animation and this past week saw the premier of Disney Plus’ MARVEL – What If…? It is a look at familiar Marvel characters as they might have been handled on alternate world. In chapter one, we get a Captain Carter instead of Captain America, whereas Steve Rogers ends up being a WWII version of Iron Man. All in all the writing was great, but it was the stellar animation that blew us away. For years Marvel hired out their animated projects to cheap studios and always came in a distant second to DC’s Warner Bros. animation series and DVD. Now, with first last the SPIDER-VERSE film and now this series, Marvel has boldly announced it is going to do animation right and we couldn’t be happier.

Ron – Over & Out!

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