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Greetings Loyal Airmen. Another Christmas has past and we pray all of you had a great holiday. Now we’re getting ready to say good-bye to 2019 and welcome in 2020.  The Air Chief had two major goals this holiday season and with God’s blessings and the help of close friends, we realized both of them. The first being the publication of our “Life in Comics” our memoirs book about our career in comics. Having that come out, we figured it would only be fitting to then release a brand new Mr. Jigsaw comic. But we wanted this one to be extra-special. How? Well first we had the idea of collecting the three previous published stories that Mort Todd had colored and printed in his own comic series. We would then write our first ever Christmas story wherein Jiggy would meet none other than Santa Clause and help him with a super special Christmas miracle. That in mind, by the end of summer we began writing what would become “The Miracle on Christmas Island.”


Part of the plot included our beloved jolly Elf falling out of his sled as it flew over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine. Wherein Jiggy and his friends on their way to an island village would be on hand to save him.  Mort had volunteered to do the cover and the Air Chief had a specific scene in mind. One afternoon we recruited our granddauther Cora and grandson Alex to help us out, along with Cora’s beau, Calvin. We posed Cora and Alex in the back of a pick-truck that would double for the back end of the boat, while Alex (as Jiggy) reaches out to try and reach a floundering Calvin (as Santa, actually sitting in a lawn chair) while Cora (as Amy Boucher) looks on encouragingly.


We then sent the photo to Art Director Rob Davis who using it as inspiration, did the rough black and white sketch you see above to the left. Then that was sent along to Mort and from it he did the actual cover. Once his art and coloring were finished, it went back to Rob for the logos and Amy’s word balloon and voila our Super Mr. Jigsaw Full Color Christmas Special was a reality. It is available from Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle. We hope you’ll pick up a copy and enjoy it.


And now a look at the Fortier Family Christmas 2019.  Shortly after 1 p.m. the photo to the right is what our living room looked like on Christmas Day, after Santa had made his visit during the night. Things were about to get hectic.


The eight of us were happy  and as ever to once again celebrate this wonderful day together. Upper left is the “senior” generation, i.e. Nicole, Alan, Valerie and the Air Chief. To Upper right is grand-daughter Cora, her fellah Calvin, Chloe and our grandson Alex.


Alex as ever volunteered to play Santa and quickly began handing out colorfully wrapped packages. As ever the Air Chief was surprised with another fun toy, this one of the Pop Yeti from the animated feature Abominable which we loved.


Valerie was delighted with her counter-cutting tool for foil and plastic wraps, which she uses constantly while in the kitchen. Meanwhile Nicole was enjoying the fragrances of several scented candles. Santa sure had their number.


Alex got lots of technical manuals which he loves to read.  Calvin holds up unique shot-glass. He also got an aged bottle of Highland Scotch. While Cora received some truly beautiful new blouses and an electric foot massager.


These are only a few of the items that put smiles on all our faces.  But again, the great happiness was being altogether, happy and healthy. In the end, those are the greatest gifts of all and we sincerely hope and pray that all you Loyal Airmen received them as well.  MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS!!

Ron – Over & Out.



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