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Greetings Loyal Airmen, here we are closing in on Christmas and this week we want to share a movie review we recently posted on our Facebook. We rarely repeat them here on the Flight Log, but this one was special due it’s amazing animation. So here it is –

“Let’s be clear, Peter Parker was and will always remain “our” Spider-Man, and we think Stan Lee & Steve Ditko were geniuses for creating him. It doesn’t mean we are not aware of Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and the others, we just have never read any of these “other” Spideys. Upon seeing the first trailers for INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, we knew that lack of familiarity with these characters wasn’t going to stop us from seeing this new animated flick. Which Val and the Air Chief did this afternoon…and it blew us away. Scene for scene, this movie has everything; a solid story, breath-taking animation (that really raises the bar here), tons of action and humor perfectly combined. By the time it was over, we were pretty much into sensory overload. WE LOVE THIS MOVIE….the writers did a great job in giving us a linear story that anyone could follow, even folks who get confused with the whole multi-verse stuff. That Val loved it as much as the Air Chief did is all you need to know. In years to come, the folks teaching animation history will point to this film and say it changed everything….for the better.”


Those of you Loyal Airmen who follow this strip on a regular basis are aware that the Air Chief has an interest in genealogy. Leaning about one’s family history is always fascinating. Recently a friend on offered to trace hour line with the information the Air Chief provided him. Above, going from left to right, and starting with our name, we were able trace our ancestry all the way back to 1681 and the birth of one Jean Baptiste Fortier. As it turns out that was the exact same name as our won grandfather, so passing along names seems to have been a tradition. Now we also know that the Fortiers came to Quebec in the early 1640s from France. Originally the name had been Fortiter and somewhere along the time was altered. Antoine Fortier was the French pioneer who moved to Canada is most likely Jean Baptiste’s father.


Which then explains the our family coat of arms, which we’ve posted here in the past, and that led to the Air Chief find the Fortier-Picard vineyards still in operation today. Truly fantastic stuff on all our amazing ancestors.


And finally, with Christmas only three days away now, we want to wish all you Loyal Airmen, and your loved ones a truly joyous MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Here’s hoping Santa Clause grants all your Christmas wishes.

Ron – Over & Out!!

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