Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week the Air Chief has a rather pathetic piece of news to share with all of you. Last Sat morning we discovered someone had gone and hacked our Facebook account. Meaning they’d gotten into it and took it down. Thus when the Air Chief tried to log on, we were told that our account simply did not exist. Thing is the page is STILL there for all the world to see, with its over three thousand friends list, but we cannot access it at all. And if you know anything at all about giant outfits like Facebook, it is pretty impossible to contact a living person in their so-called Customer Service Dept. So, after hours of attempting the impossible, we gave up and began the arduous task of creating a new page. Thanks to help of several of our pulp colleagues like Nancy Hansen, Tommy Hancock and of course our partner Rob Davis, we used our full name and the new page is now up and we are slowly beginning to reconnect with our pages. If you are one of those Facebooks friends, please do reconnect with us. As to the Hacker, we are truly sorry your life is so miserable that the only joy you can find in it is attacking other people. God forgive you and open your eyes to something better.


On a much more positive note, we recently picked up “The James Bond Lexicon” and truly amazing book containing all facts pertaining to Ian Fleming’s famous fictional British spy.  Compiled and written by Alan and Gillian Porter and published by White Rocket Books. If, like us, you’re a Bond fan, you will truly appreciate this marvelous book.


Finally for the longest time the Air Chief is been looking to have a new custom sweatshirt done up with our Airship 27 logo. We love wearing comfortable sweatshirts in the Fall and Winter and last week, on-line we find Rush Order Tees on the internet. Set up an order and had them do up a sweatshirt on a gray colored shirt. It arrived today. Valerie had us order an X-tra Large, fully expecting it will shrink with multiple washings. We love it. We still have a white tee-shirt with the logo that many of your con fans will recognize. Now we can add this sweatshirt.  Hmm, all we need now is a coffee mug.

In what has to be the weirdest Flight Log we’ve ever posted, it now appears, thanks to the help of several really smart friends, we were finally able to change our FB password via our cellphones and get back to our original count. Which means, per the report at the start of this entry, we now have TWO FB pages…and will keep them both. Not a bad idea to always have a back up. Ha.

Ron – Over & Out!

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