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  • On 31 Dec | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope this week finds you all still relishing the joy and fun that was Christmas. We here at Hangar 27 had one of our best holidays ever enjoying our family get together and those long distance phone calls. We are truly blessed. And then of course Santa was overly generous as ever.


Perhaps our biggest surprise was the truly beautiful Robin Hood statue given to us by Donna & Michael Housel. Michael is a gifted writer who has worked with Airship 27 for several years. He created the new pulp character The Persona plus authoring a Dead Sheriff weird western for us. Michael knows that after the original King Kong, our second favorite movie is Errol Flynn’s “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” We love it, from the cast to the rousing Ernst Korngold music score. We are also proud to have published British writer Ian Watson’s Robin Hood trilogy, which we later collected in a beautiful omnibus edition seen above. Thus getting this gorgeous statue simply blew us away.


The best way we can thank Donna & Michael, is to point all you Loyal Airmen to his amazing novels, all of which are available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Do check them out.


Of course Santa was more than kind to the Air Chief as well and among the goodies we received were the entire Blu-Ray series, “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.” A wonderful, fun mystery series from Australia that the Air Chief and Val loved a great deal. We were sorry to see it go.  And at long last, the Silverline Comics CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 1921 arrived. It featured a six-page Satin’s Ways story by yours truly with art by Richard Jun and letters by Mike Belcher. Look for the regular two part series of our lovely Chinese cat-burglar to come your way from in Silverline in 2022.


A while back Valerie and the Air Chief had seen a print of a small boy alone in an attic reading. We told her of how it brought back memories of our own childhood. We did the exact same thing and the attic in the home where we grew up became the Air Chief’s secret sanctum to get away in our imagination with books as our tickets. So Valerie went and picked up a copy of the print and had it frame. It will soon be at home on our office wall where we do our readings these days. Oddly enough, we also realized that it had a visual connection to the painting we did long ago of our oldest grand-daughter Kristi based on a photograph her mother took of her reading under the clothesline where clothes were drying in the hot summer sun. We so love the picture, we painted it. Kristi just turned 30 last month and is still a veracious reader. Like grandfather, like granddaughter.  Oh, yeah.


This past year we have the pleasure of publishing writer George Tackes first novel, “The Great Chicago Fire Conspiracy.” We hooked up with George the week of its debut at the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention in Chicago. He was so thrilled with its release, as he had every right to be. Well, his daughter Jill went and had artist Christ Rawding’s cover for the book made into a poster and surprised her father with it on Christmas Day. We’re sure it now hangs proudly in his own writing sanctum. Awesome.


Cattura 05Cattura IS-BrT pinup

Our partner artist Andrea Bormida introduces the half-cyborg warrior IS-Brt in Pg # 5. She is assigned to assist an archeological expedition examining the ruins of an alien village. Her augmented strength comes in handy in moving supplies.

Cattura 06Cattura Yonel Travane pinup

And then Pg # 6 takes us up into one of those ancient alien structures where we find head archeologist Yonel Travane and his little flying pet, Nix. Andrea is a truly gifted graphic artist. He has taken our script and turned it into a visual treasure of storytelling.



And from Cesar Feliciano comes Pg # 20 of our “Jin & Tonik” thriller about two deadly assassins. Plus an early sketch of Russian lovely Darya Tonikova. Enhanced by science at birth, she is unstoppable as a killing machine. But does she have a soul? Writing her was a challenge we relished.

And finally, we want to wish all you Loyal Airmen a truly wonderful and Happy New Year. It our wish it is a truly positive time for all of us, working together and enjoying each others creative efforts. God bless you all.

Ron – Over & Out!


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