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Greetings Loyal Airmen, in a few days our country will celebrate the 4th of July and the Air Chief thought it might be a good way to kick off this Flight Log with our latest Press Release from Airship 27.



Airship 27 Production is happy to announce that one of this year’s Pulp Factory Award winning artists is joining the Lance Star team. Clayton Murwin, winner of the Best Pulp Cover for Pulp Realities Vol 2, will be the solo artist for Airship 27 Production’s first full length Lance Star novel, “Cold Snap” as written by another Pulp Factory Award winner, Bobby Nash. Murwin will do all nine interior illustration and the full color cover. Overall book design will be multi award winner, Art Director Rob Davis.

“As you can see, we’ve assembled an all star team,” reports Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “Over the years Lance Star has become one of New Pulp most popular hero all thanks to Bobby. Now, at long last, he and his Sky Rangers fly into a full length adventure at the top of the world and we couldn’t have a better artist on board for this thrilling book thank Clayton Murwin.”

“Lance Star – Sky Ranger : Cold Snap” is expected to be released later this year.



Meanwhile ace artist Cesar Feliciano turns in Pg # 37 of our new spy thriller JIN & TONIK. Only two more to go and issue one is complete. At least artwise. Next comes letters and then, hopefully with all fingers crossed, we can find someone to color this project. To date the Air Chief has struck out in his attempts to find a talented colorist. If you know anyone with those skills willing to be a part of our team, which means no cash up front, we share profits AFTER the book is published, then by all means have them contact the Air Chief immediately. Thanks.



What seems like ages ago now, my pal, artist Dario Briton Carrasco created a character called The Gargoyle who operated out of Boston in the early 1950s. He asked us to write several comic scripts featuring the characters and we ended up penning three. There was going to be a graphic novel, but it never came to fruition. Over the years, all three of those shorts have been printed in various black and white anthologies, the latest being Wicked Awesome Tales # 13 from by friend Todd Jones. The issue will make its first appearance at this coming weekend’s FanExpo in Denver. be sure to stop by Todd’s table and pick up at copy.

AMK Comics –


One of the Air Chief’s current favorite independent comics is Mike Belcher’s excellent full color series, “The Man in the Mask.” It has some of the best writing in comics today and the art is classic old school Golden Age graphics. We can’t rave enough about the series. Well this past week the mailman not only delivered the third issue but also a brand new AMK comic, this one done completely by Mike’s son, Aiden Belcher. Aiden,who grew up loving comics learned from his dad how to color and letter and did that task on “The Man in the Mask” books for several years. Now he’s written and completely illustrated four stories, each from various genres, and slap them together as “Timeless Tales.” This is a real fun comic book and we loved it. Should you be at all interested in checking them out and supporting this great father and son team, head on over to their web page. (

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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