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Greetings Loyal airmen and patriots, we hope your 4th of July celebrations are going great and that while enjoying this holiday you think long and hard on how blessed we all are living in the greatest country in the world. AMEN.

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About a week ago we were thrilled to show all of you one of the new pages being worked on by graphic artist Jim O’Riley for the Brother Bones graphic novel. It is up on the left…and was done in soft pencils. To the right you see Jim beginning to digitally ink the piece. Upon seeing the original page, the Air Chief suggested Jim have the men lose their hats, as the scene is taking place indoors and it would not have been natural for them to have kept on their fedoras. Jim happily obliged. Note the two gunmen shooting up the place, have just come in through the back door and thus they alone have on their hats. We know, small item, but it in the details that things either work or do not. As for Jim’s art, it is truly amazing. We’ll continued to give you sneak-peeks like this as the project progresses.


Another show for Airship 27 Productions. As most of you Loyal Airmen know, for several years the Air Chief and Art Director Rob Davis would attend two pulp conventions; the Windy City Pulp & Paper Con in Chicago every Spring and then Pulp Fest in late Summer. This was when the latter was held in Columbus, Ohio. When they moved Pulp Fest to Pittsburgh, it became economically impossible for us to attend. Thus since we’ve only had the Chicago show to look forward to. Well, not this year. Again, as those of you who follow these Flight Logs weekly know, this year Airship 27 Productions is going to be at a second con; the Pikeville Comic & Toy Show in Pikeville, Kentucky. Months ago, artist Mike Belcher hit up the Air Chief about being a guest at this year’s show, which happens on Aug 2nd and 3rd. In our discussions we mentioned Rob and Airship 27 and how their con could get TWO creators for the price of one. Mike and the Committee loved the idea and the invitation was then extended to Rob as well…i.e. we are now both going AS Airship 27 Productions.  So please, Loyal Airmen, if you living anywhere in the vicinity of Pikeville, Kentucky, do mark you calendars and come on down. We’d so love to meet you there.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. We hope you have a truly fun holiday weekend.

Ron – Over & Out!

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