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Greetings Loyal Airmen on our very first Flight Log of 2021. What with the pandemic and the loss of many of our loved ones, our Mom at the top of that list, 2020 proved to be a truly sad time for many of us. And our hearts do go out to all you Loyal Airmen who suffered similar losses. But here we are, at the start of a brand new year, with a viable vaccine now making its way to the general population and hopefully by year’s end, social gatherings such as comic and pulp conventions will be back in full swing.


Of course life has a way of balancing out things, if one is willing to see the silver lining even under dark clouds. Most likely because there were no conventions last year, and lots less traveling on our parts, we soon discovered most of our Airship 27 writers and artists were putting their pent-up frustrations to positive actions by producing more great titles. Thus here we are happy to tell you that in 2020 we produced and released a total of 23 books. Now that’s a busy year for a small publisher like us. And the 23rd, just out a few days ago, was BASS REEVES – Frontier Marshal Vol 4 – It features four new stories based on the historical black lawman, as written by Mel Odom Terry Alexander, Derrick Ferguson and the Air Chief. Interior illustrations were provided by Howard Simpson (the book is dedicated to his father) and Art Director Rob Davis did that great cover seen above. As always, the book is available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you’ll check it out.

All the while, the Air Chief was out straight with Airship 27, we also found time to do our own writing and manages to get completed several short stories that will be seeing publication in 2021. These include a different kind of Dracula, a new I.V. Frost for Moonstone Books and a brand new pulp character, Doc Dunninger for Pro Se Productions; all of which we are extremely proud of and anxious for you Loyal Airmen to read. Whereas in the past few weeks, the Air Chief has started looking ahead to new writing assignments for 2021 and believe us, we’ve got some rather amazing writing projects in the work.


The most ambitious of all these proposed writing projects is going to be a new full length novel called CAPE NOIRE – Beauty & The Beest.  As most to you Loyal Airmen are aware, Cape Noire is the fictional city on the coast of the Pacific North West that we created to set our Brother Bones pulp stories. The thing is, when we first launched the series with the first collection, BROTHER BONES – The Undead Avenger, we presented certain aspects as already being a part of that landscape. But we’ve never actually told those prequel stories in detail and after ten years, it is time we did so. Thus, this book will present the hell-hole that is Cape Noire a few years before the coming of Brother Bones. It is our hope that Brother Bones fans will be intrigued by the idea and anxious to discover the events that set the saga of the Undead Avenger in motion.


Now while working on the Cape Noire novel, we’ve also promised certain publishers more short stories. The first in line will be my third ever Bass Reeves story. This one will deal with reality in relating the legendary lawman’s very last mission. The one that in the end had him give up his badge and retire. It will be coming from Pro Se Productions and you won’t want to miss it.


Then, along about mid-summer we hope to write a prose story featuring comic artist Dario Carrasco’s avenging hero, the Gargoyle. We’ve several of his comic adventures in the past, whereas Dario asked if we could whip up a pulp-like prose tale. Wish us luck.


Of course we haven’t even discussed the great comic book projects lining up for 2021.  We’ve got JIN & TONIK with artist Cesar Feliciano, SATIN’S WAYS is still at Silverline but we did lose our artist on the project and publisher/editor Roland Mann is once again on the hunt to bring this two part mini-series to life. There’s also a top-secret one shot project with artist Mike Belcher and the return of another old series, back by popular demand, with pal Rob Davis providing the art.

So as you can see, 2021 looks to be a really busy year for the Air Chief.  Heck, we’re getting tired just thinking about it.  Ha.  Honestly, we’ve always loved telling stories and entertaining good people like you. Here’s hoping we can keep doing it for long while to come.


Ron – Over & Out!

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