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Greetings Loyal, Airmen, you are reading this on Good Friday of Holy Week. It is our prayer that all of you have a truly wonderful and blessed Easter, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Valerie and the Air Chief are in the process of packing up for our first trip in over a year. Since the pandemic, obviously travel was impossible. Now, both of us have had all our shots and looking to get away to sunny Florida for a week of rest and relaxation. Long overdue.


But before heading out, we’re happy to announce the latest Airship 27 pulp novel release. “Killing Shadows” is by writer Teel James Glenn and features his character, Jon Shadows. He’s a private bodyguard and investigator who always finds a way to get into trouble. In this story, an old love returns claiming her life is in danger from a husband who would rather see her dead than grant her a divorce. The action throughout is fast and furious with plenty of twists along the way. As ever the book is available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you check it out.


And just as we were announcing Glenn’s latest book, lo and behold this year’s Pulp Factory Awards were announced and he won for Best Pulp Novel of 2020 for “A Cowboy in Carpathia” from Pro Se Press. See cover above. The book is available at Amazon. We had the great fun of reading and review it and know it truly deserved this honor. Other winners this year were John L. French for a Zorro short story, Editor Rose Shababy for the Stormgate anthology PULP REALITY # 1, cover artist for that same anthology and finally, our own Ed Catto for his interior illustrations for “Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery Vol 4.” Our sincerest congratulations to wall the winners. New Pulp is alive and well, Loyal Airmen.


At long last Moonstone’s first Double Shot book is available on their website. Features my I.V. Frost story, The Ghost Train. (


Today is Good Friday. And on this day Our Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross for all of us. Had he been just a man, His story would have ended it there. But He was not just a man, He was God, the Savior and two days later, He conquered death. The empty tomb was actually the true beginning of the Salvation story. We want to wish all our Loyal Airmen a truly blessed HAPPY EASTER…HE IS RISEN!!! Alleluia.

Ron – Over & Out!

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