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Greatly Loyal Airmen, for those of you are Christians, today come to finale of Lent and Holy Week as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, carries the cross of our sins to his death…thereby become the once-for-all perfect sacrifice. Today we bow our heads in prayer, asking him to have mercy on our souls and lead us through this imperfect world, following his teachings of love and forgiveness. More at the end of this week’s Flight Log.



The professional con photographer, Mike Barry, snapped several pictures of the Air Chief that we were so anxious to share with you. Of course the first is the Air Chief and Valerie. This was just prior to the con folks opening the doors to the public. Our two tables were set and we were ready for some serious fun. Then, later in the day, Mike came over to our table and said he had heard about my “How To Write Comics” class at the nearby Front Range Community College. He’d also heard several of my students were in fact now at the show with their own tables and could we get a picture of the Air Chief  with them.  What we didn’t realize after going around gathering them, that there were seven of them at the show, again, now with their own tables.  So going left to right clock-wise with the Air Chief, in the center, we have Zane DeGaine, Evan Haushuntmen, Olivia DeGaine, Aaron Powers, Jon Bonjour, Chad Blakely and Terry Crawley. Wow…just wow.


Then no sooner do we get back to our table then we remember one of our finest students and dear friends, Gabriella Saenz was also at the show. DUH. We rush to her table, explained what was going on and happily convinced Mike to snap one of us together. The lovely, and uber talented young lady is also wearing the gorgeous dress her mother, Marie, made for her for Easter.  Truly getting to see all my former students enjoying the show and doing great things with their own careers was truly one of the highlights of the show.



A few years ago Airship 27 Production put out TOWERS OF METROPOLIS, an anthology featuring stories set in the cinematic sci-fi world of movie-maker Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. All the stories had to be prequel tales that happened before the events of the film. Above left is the awesome cover given to us by artist Mike Kaluta. And now we are putting together a second volume. Artist James Lyle has signed on to do all the art, and above right is one of his first illustrations for this one. Book two will feature stories by Dexter Fabi, Gary Lovisi, Carson Demmons and Tommy Hancock. Stay tuned, more as it develops.


Page 30SMALL

Artist Cesar Feliciano delivers Pg 30 of our spy thriller, JIN & TONIK.  In this panel, Captain Ivarsky leads Lt. Foma Bazanov and eye-patch wearing Lt. Kiril Tonikova deeper into the top secret Siberian base. Six more pages and issue # 1 is wrapped up. We so love Cesar’s work here.


Kal ship clrPROMO 5

Since last week announcement that our new sci-fi comic series BEYOND THE STARS is going to go up at Kickstarter, we’ve received such overwhelming support from all our friends. The Air Chief, along with artist Andrea Bormida and letterer Mike Belcher have been spreading the word everywhere. Now Silverline comics has actually posted the link WHERE this particular campaign can be found and people can sign on to be notified the second the book is available for backing. Below is that link.


promo 2 clr logo

Remember Loyal Airmen, we are going to need 1,000 backers for this issue to get printed. We cannot do this alone. We need you share this with all your friends on line today.  After one day, 21 of you have registered to be notified. The Air Chief would love nothing more than to have 500 names registered for notification come May 5th. Impossible, not with all you Loyal Airmen behind us. Below is a link to a little video Andrea posted on You Tube. Check it out. His art is so amazing.



Went to see FATHER STU earlier this week. A truly wonderful movie about the love and courage true faith in God demands. Nothing preachy about this one, my friends. It punches you in the gut. Bravo Mark Wahlberg for getting this made and to Mel Gibson’s spot performance as his asshole father. An inspirational story of a man who answered God’s call and in doing so accepted his own on cross to Salvation.  A cross each of us has to bear in this world. But, like Father Stu, we hold on to Jesus’ victory as our salvation. That one day, He will welcome us all into heaven. AMEN.


A glorious and Happy Easter to you all.

Ron – Over & Out!


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