HELLO 2020!

  • On 3 Jan | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen and Happy New Year to all of you. It is our prayer that 2020 is a fantastic year filled with joy, happiness and blessings to all of you.


For the Air Chief, finally getting in our copies of the Mr. Jigsaw Full Color Christmas special was a real treat. Thus far reaction to the book has been overwhelmingly great.  Due in large part to the fantastic coloring work of Mort Todd. He made those pages sing, and at along last, the Air Chief and artist Gary Kato finally manage to do our Christmas story and have our loveable hero finally team up with Santa Claus. This was one of those stories we’d been wanting to do for a long-long time. Now that it’s done, we are really very proud of it.


On the pulp side of things, it looks like Airship 27 Productions first new title of 2020 will be THE WRAITH, a prose anthology based on the comic superhero created by writer Frank Dirscherl.  With any luck we’ll have it out to you within another week.  Well, artist Chris Nye, who did the 12 great interior illustrations thought it would be fun to do up a little poster announcing that release (see above) and he surprised us with it a few days ago. We love it, and Chris’ work. Now he’s off to do his own graphic novel and we wish him all the best with it. And of course hope to have him rejoin Airship 27 on another project in the near future.


One of our most popular releases in 2019 was the kick off our new Bulldog Drummond series, wherein British writer Ian Watson revamped this classic hero from the 1920s, and wrote an amazing novel “On Poisoned Ground.” Canadian artist Ted Hammond delivered the cover on that one, while California based Howard Simpson did the interior illustrations.  Well, we are thrilled to announce, Ian’s second Drummond book “Disaster Zones” is now in production and this time Chris Rawding will handle the cover chores, while much to our delight, Howard has returned on interiors and that black and white piece above is one of the new illos from that title. Again fingers crossed, look for it within few weeks.

And so we are off and running full tilt into the New Year. Hang on for wild and exciting ride, Loyal Airmen, lots more fun things coming your way.

Ron – Over & Out!

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