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Greeting Loyal Airmen, the Air Chief is really wound up to get to this week’s Flight Log agenda.  You see, we finally got in Chad Hardin’s amazing cover for the pulp novel “Holmes & Houdini” by I.A. Watson last week and finally have it up at Amazon.


So you can see why we are excited. Chad Hardin turned in a magnificent cover to what is a great adventure. We hope you’ll check it out, available as ever at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.

Page 3 pencils and inks

As many of your Loyal Airmen know, one of the characters that we created a few years ago for comics was space-smuggler Captain Jain Marlee. To date she has appeared in two short strips by various others. Now a third Captain Marlee is in production called “Ghost World.” The penciler on the project is one Shane Aden and the inker is an old dear friend of the Air Chief, Ariel Aguire. Above is a sneak peak the strip in progress with the pencils on the left and full inks on the right. We think Shane and Ariel make a really great art team.


Last year the good folks at Charlton Arrow released their 5th issue which featured the first half of a Mr.Jigsaw story in full color. We just learned last night that issue # 6 with the second of that tale is soon to be released. See cover above. We’re told it’s 56 pgs thick. Now that’s a lot of great comic fun. Soon as we have a link where copies can be purchased, we’ll post it right here, Loyal Airmen.

devil drives poster

Recently pulp writer/actor, Roman Leary (who penned the Brother Bones novel, “Six Days of the Dragon”) wrote, produced and directed a short 16 min, movie called The Devil Drives. Featuring a cast of three and a budget of only $30, he has whipped up a really wonderful little cinematic treat. You can watch if for free here – (  The Air Chief thinks its awesome and urges you to check it out. Again, their only reward is your viewership.


And finally, we finally put up the Kindle Edition to our play, that we released on Amazon a few weeks ago. Below is the link to that Kindle Edition. (

And that wraps up this week’s agenda, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks for stopping by, take care …and do good to others. In the end the rewards come back to you ten fold.

Ron – Over & Out!

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