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Greetings Loyal Airmen, looks like 2022 continues to heat up work wise with so many new projects getting started. We don’t think there ever was a time in our comics career that we were this busy. But more on that later. First things, first. Valerie and the Air Chief are heading to Florida in a few days for a much needed vacation. Good old fashion sunshine, warm beaches and plenty of R & R. Whereas the Air Chief has not forgotten those Flight Logs required for the two Fridays we are gone. To that end we’ve written one for Friday 18th and another for Friday 25th. Both will post here at the site automatically. Ergo we’d suggest you mark your calendar for both dates and log on to ( when they roll around. We think you’ll enjoy what we’ve done for those two entries. Alright, back to this week’s goodies.


Satin way p4 partialSatin way p4

Artist Crisanto Moreno has been hard at working doing roughs for “Satin’s Ways” book # 1. Recall, when completed, this will be a two part series from Silverline Comics. Mike Belcher will provide the letters and his son, Aiden, the colors. We are really excited about this coming to fruition.


Cattura 16Cattura 16 inkCattura 16 clr

And we have Pg 16 completed. Whereas artist Andrea Bormida got me into writing this project when he put up 5 pgs on the internet, those pages in my script became the “last”pages in script one. As it is a 22 pg script, that means Andrea has only Pg 17 to complete and he’s finished with his part. Now it all goes to artist Mike Belcher for lettering. Stay tuned. This comic is coming together fast.


Now for the big news of this week. At long last, we at Airship 27 have published “Mark Halegua’s The Blue Light.” The action packed adventure conceived by our dear friend, super pulp fan and historian, Mark Halegua, before his sudden passing last year. Mark’s dream was to be a published pulp writer and shortly after his death, his colleagues Nancy Hansen and Lee Houston, Jr., two of the best writers in our New Pulp community came to us with the plan to actually write the book Mark had been working on for so long. Thus taking the ideas notes he’d left, they were able to write “The Blue Light” and now we are so happy to bring it to all of you. Art Director Rob Davis supplied the cover and Colorado based artist Sam Salas the interior illustrations. Now available at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle. We’d like to think Mark is up there right now smiling down on us with a big thumbs up. God bless you Mark and thanks for your wonderful humor and friendship. We were blessed to know you.


SMALL 27136396256_10223307242856573_4195267507404674479_o

With Pg # 27 by artist Cesar Feliciano, the story once again enters a flashback. This time concerning the birth of Darya Tonika.  Page above at left is opening scene; a top secret Russian lab in the frozen wasteland of Siberia. To left, one of Cesar’s early sketches of Darya. Hang on Loyal Airmen, things are about to get really weird and wild. For sure.


On the reading front, our pal Terrence McCauley has a brand new western series kicking off from Pinnacle Press on the 29th of this March. We received an advance copy and you can find our review of “Blood On The Trail” at our Pulp Fiction Reviews blog – find the link at the top of this page. And keep any eye for this one when it debuts. It’s full of great western action.


And finally we wrapped this week up with letting all of you know Episode # 83 of the Airship 27 Podcast is now live at You Tube. With big news concerning this year’s Pulp Factory Awards. We hope you’ll check it out. (

And there you have it, Loyal Airmen. Again, hope you check us in the next week for those two new entries that are will post automatically on the 18th & 25th. Till then stay well and safe, God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!

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