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Greeting Loyal Airmen, one of the questions the Air Chief often gets asked is not only where do our ideas come from, but how do some projects get started. So we thought we’d address the second one this time around. As most of you know, we recently thought an eight week college course in How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels. Among those attending the class was my young high school artist pal Jon Bonjour.


Now I’ve known Jon for almost three years now after he joined our local monthly comics breakfast gathering, the Fort Collins Comics Coffee Clutch Crew, with his older sister Jamie. Jon and Jamie have been making comics together for many years, she writing and he drawing. Anyways, this friendship allowed me a bird’s eye view of how much this talented young man’s art was rapidly progressing. At the end of the writing class, we talked a little bit about possibly doing something together soon.


Then a few months ago two of our colleagues, Dave Noe and James Ludwig started a comics outfit called inDellible Comics to bring back long forgotten, and very obscure Dell Comics characters.  At that time, Rob Davis and the Air Chief signed on to do an Owl prose story (Rob providing a spot illo) and submitted.  Above is their cover to issue #1 of what they are calling POPULAR COMICS.  It is available at Amazon for $11 and really worth your support. This is old fashion comics done the fun way. Anyway, issue # 2 will feature our Owl tale. In the meantime, the Air Chief kept looking at what other old Dell Comics characters he might enjoy playing with and found such called NUKLA, the story of a pilot/spy for the Air Force who only had four issues of his own comic.


We wrote Dave a letter asking for more info on the character and his powers and he gladly provided those. Realizing this would be a really fun character to play with, we asked Jon if he’d be willing to be the artist on such a project and then shared a plot idea we worked up over the past weekend. Jon loved the concept and immediately set about doing his own wonderful sketch of NUKLA, see above. If all goes well, the Air Chief will start on the script in a few days.  And of course we’ll keep all you Loyal Airmen updates and the strip moves along.


Last week, if you’ll all remember, we showed off pictures of the Mr. Jigsaw custom action figure made by fan Brandon Lee. Well, Brandon and the Air Chief agreed to a swap, another such figure for the entire Mr. Jigsaw comics run autographed by us personally. At the offer, Brandon said he was sending over the one he’d made and would later do another for himself.  And sure it enough it arrived in the mail yesterday and we snapped the above photo on our book shelf.  Brandon, your comics are on their way to you. Again, heartfelt thanks, we love this.

Finally, today being Thanksgiving, we pray all you Loyal Airmen had an opportunity to spend the day with your loved one. There is no greater treasure in this world than friends and family.  God bless you all and see you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!!!


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