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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you are reading this Flight Log, the Air Chief will be in Chicago attending the annual Windy City Pulp & Paper Con along with pal, and Airship 27 Productions’ Art Director Rob Davis. This is a show we look forward to every year. So while away, we wanted to share with you a review that was written last week by one our fans, Mr. Jase Marshall. Jase had picked up the new Brother Bones book and obviously thought it was pretty good. Enough for him to write the following thoughts and reviews.  Enjoy.


I’m a nerd. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a nerd. I’m pretty sure I was born out of the birth canal reading a comic book and chomping on a piece of red licorice, a Twizzler of course because Red Vines ain’t shit.

Anyway even going back before I could even read…comic books were like a major part of my life. I think mostly because I loved the heroic actions and brightly colored costumes…well that and (probably the biggest shock to most people reading this) that I’m dyslexic. After I was finally diagnosed and worked with a teacher who helped me learn how to turn the words around in my mind. All of a sudden it was like a light was turned on in a blacken room. I was finally able to actually read all those comics I had that I had only been able to follow the stories by just the pictures. Now a whole library of comics that I had collected became new to me again. After I had burned through them I found myself reading anything I could get my hands on…my parents Reader’s Digest out of their bathroom….the TV Guide… my mom’s Family Circle magazines…anything and everything. I became a ravenous reader on any printed matter I could find. Hell, I used to read spray bottles and shampoo bottles while sitting on the toilet….but then I found pulp novels! I loved anything that had to do with the Shadow, Tarzan, and Doc Savage.

All of a sudden just like use to be able to look at a picture of and comic character like Batman, Spiderman, or Superman and I could tell you who the artist was that drew that image. Now I found I could read a passage from a book and I could tell you who wrote it from the style, wording, and cadence.


Okay, so the point of this long introduction is that one of my most beloved authors is none other then Ron Fortier. His work has been part of my life for over 30 years. His work on the NOW Comics The Green Hornet was nothing short of brilliant. The inner workings to tie the lineage of the Kato Family and Reid family from The Lone Ranger to the (at that time) current Green Hornet brought a level of realism and actual timelines that have never been seen in comics and to be honest is often abandoned or completely ignored. It’s true over at Marvel Spider-Man will forever be in his late teens to early 20’s and DC’s Batman will for ever be mid to late 30’s. In Ron’s world these character got old, dealt with age…and yes even death as we saw the first modern day Green Hornet murdered. Anyway, Ron’s work inspired me to do something in my 20’s I had never done before or considered doing….I wrote my one and only comic book fan letter. To my amazement that letter saw print in Green Hornet #24. I was 23 years old at that time….I’m now 2 years away from being 50. With that said I’m still a fanboy of Ron Fortier’s work. His work on his original creation Brother Bones struck a personal cord with me I haven’t felt since I was a kid and diving into all those pulp novels of The Shadow and Doc Savage.


I’ve made figures based on his creation not only with his blessing but with his praise and accolades. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of talking to him in length and I’m honored to call him a friend though we have never met face to face.

Ron’s new novel ‘Brother Bones: City Of Lost Souls’ is out now and I have links below to the Kindle and Paperback version over at Amazon. You can also find out more about Ron and all of his work over at With that said the latest Brother Bones novel is nothing short of amazing and a constant page turner and grabs the reader from page one. I read it cover to cover in a day and started rereading it the next day. Ron did something that truly humbled me and geeked out my little fanboy heart. In the story of ‘The Synthetic Man’ we are treated to the return of a vintage golden age comic book villain Dr. Satan….but more then that we are introduced to a new character, a Sergeant of the Cape Noir Police Department, by the name of Jase Marshall. That’s right I’ve been made into a pulp character in the fantastical world of Brother Bones! To make it all the better it was penned by one of my childhood/young adulthood heroes, Ron Fortier….it’s an honest to god dream come true for me.


So, Ron…from the bottom of my heart brother…thank you so much. Seeing myself appear as a character in one of your stories was nothing short of amazing and yes did I squealed like a little girl when I came across it on the page. Every dog in my neighborhood thought a 12 year old girl had fallen in a well somewhere. So, again…I’m truly honored and thank you.


Jase Marshall is a custom figure builder/fabricator and reviewer out of the foothills of North Carolina. Former contributor and writer to Go Figure News. He also currently launching a new figure line called The BRiTS.


And there you have it, Loyal Airmen. Note, should you ever want to buy one of these original Brother Bones 12 inch figures, then Google Jase and contact him.  Each one is a unique collectible.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Next week hope to have some pix of the Windy City Pulp Con to share with you. Till then, take care,

Ron – Over & Out!

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