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Greetings Loyal Airmen. Years ago, when our granddaughter Chelsea, was small, we’d sit with her and watch the Disney cartoon series, Kim Possible. The idea focused around a teenage girl who just happen to fight crime with the aid of her friend, Ron Stoppable, and a naked mole rat named Rufus. The animation was excellent and the stories tons of fun. So jump ahead a decade or so and now Chelsea has graduated from college and is a working young lady. Meanwhile, Valerie and the Air Chief are surfing the TV channels the other night when much to our delight we discover Disney has made a new, live action Kim Possible movie. We sat back and enjoyed it immensely. Just as much fun as the old cartoon series.


File this one under never say never. As most Loyal Airmen know, the Air Chief has been a Sherlock Holmes for ages. And having the fun of publishing the bestselling series, “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective,” has been a special joy the past ten years. Still every now and then a fan would inquire as to why the Air Chief didn’t write a Holmes tale. Well, the answer was simple enough; we just didn’t feel comfortable capturing Dr. Watson’s voice. Of course everyone knows, Holmes creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wrote most of the stories in first person as told through Holmes trusted companion Dr. Watson. Thus for any writer to write a new Holmes story, they first have to capture that very distinct voice. Happily lots of super talented writers can do that, much to all Holmes fans, including the Air Chief. Whereas we simply cannot. It’s beyond our style and approach to writing. Then several years ago, New Zealand writer and editor, Christopher Sequeira wrote saying he was putting together a brand new Sherlock Holmes anthology in which there would be NO Dr. Watson. Meaning that all the stories had to feature Sherlock Holmes accompanied by a “different” doctor. Christopher, knowing of our Airship 27 series, sought us out inviting us to contribute a story. At first we were ready to politely decline. Happily the Air Chief began to rethink the whole Dr. Waton’s voice element. This book would not have that limitation at all. After a few days mulling it over, we came up with an idea totally different (we hope) than had even been done before and asked Christopher is our approach would be acceptable to his concept. To our delight, he said our idea was totally fine for this anthology and gave us the green light to write the darn thing. Early this week, Christopher announced on-line that the book would be released on June 14th and provided a peek at the cover. (See above.) Joining the Air Chief will be this amazing crew of writers; Dennis O’Neil, Nancy Holder, Will Murray, Rafe McGregor, Andrew Salmon, I.A. Watson, J.Scherpenhuien, Brad Mengel, Philip Cornell and Julie Ditrich. Rest assured Loyal Airmen, when the book is published and available, we’ll let you know right here.


The good folks behind the Comicfest Denver/Starfest Convention have started promoting on social media for this years show. Again to be held at the Marriott Denver Tech Center from April 26-28. Above is a picture of last year’s show, with the Air Chief talking with fans. Val is hidden behind us, and that’s artist Bob Hall to our right. Beside yours truly, the other comics guest this year will include David Ross, Dan Green and Vic Carrabotta. We had so much fun at this show last year and are looking forward to going back.

Sammy Jin ala Trad Moore

Our pal, artist Cesar Feliciano is experimenting with different drawing style in preparing to start work on the first chapter of our new comics series, JIN & TONIC.  Above is one such sample.  Personally, we love it.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks as ever for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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