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Greetings Loyal Airmen, of course if you are reading these words, then you clearly have recognized the fact that we have a new page after all these years.  It is courtesy of our son, Scott, who is the computer guru of the family.   Our transmission should be coming in loud and clear on phones and tablets.  New scheduling of  the Flight Log means, even if the Air Chief is traveling, you’ll still find new posts here every single Friday.  No more missing such because we are not at Hangar 27 HQ.

Okay, we’ve got some really exciting news this week, so let’s get to it by showing you the official Press Release done up by our pal Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises. LTD.

9 Lady Action Spy Thriller Announced
First Book to debut a at San Diego Comic-Con

New York, N.Y. (January XX, 2015) – Airship 27 Productions, a premier publisher in the New Pulp movement, and Captain Action Enterprises, licensors of the popular Captain Action line, have joined forces again to announce the first-ever Lady Action spy paperback, to be released July 2015.

This spy thriller features Lady Action in her first prose adventure. The British Bombshell has previously appeared in Captain Action comics, her own comics and one short story. Recently, Lady Action thrilled fans with a collector’s doll from Tonner and a 1/6 scale action figure from Go Hero/Executive Replica.

Ron Fortier, a thirty-seven year veteran comics and fantasy writer and now New Pulp Fiction author and publisher, will be penning this adventure. “I’ve always enjoyed writing strong female characters from Dracula’s Daughter to my four leads in alternate world pulp thriller, The Boston Bombers. Having the chance to tell the first Lady Action prose adventure was a marvelous opportunity too good to pass up. I’m hoping fans of Emma Peel and the Girl from U.N.C.L.E. are going to feel right at home with what we have planned for Ms. Sinclair.” Fortier also created the first female sidekick for the Green Hornet, Mishi Kato.

Captain Action is based on the action figure created in 1966, but Lady Action debuted in comics more recently as a heroine in her own right. “Overwhelming fan response at comic conventions have encouraged us to develop the character further,” said Joe Ahearn of Captain Action Enterprises. “She’s also a big part of the upcoming animated series.”

Although a cover artist has yet to be selected, but Rob Davis will be designing the paperback. “Some of my greatest creative successes since I became a professional artist have involved female characters from SCIMIDAR with R.A. Jones, ROBYN OF SHERWOOD with Paul Storrie and DAUGHTER OF DRACULA with Ron Fortier. I’m proud to be able to add LADY ACTION to that list of characters and look forward excitedly to bringing the book to visual life.”


NightHawk FrontCover

Meanwhile a book we did write last year is finally getting close to publication.  NIGHTHAWK the Flying Spy is a new pulp hero the Air Chief created last year for pal, Joe Gentile of Moonstone Books. His first ever adventure, BURNING SKIES, is now in final production and features a fantastic cover by the amazing Douglas Klauba.  Note, all Moonstone Books are sold through comic book shops, so when this one is solicited in their order mag, Previews, we will be sure to give you all a heads up.  This is a project we are naturally excited about.  Stay tuned for more as it develops.



Finally, one of my oldest and dearest friends and collaborators in the comics game is Gary Kato.  We’ve been partners for over thirty five years and produced a whole lot of comics together.  Years ago Gary wrote and drew a wonderful sci-fi graphic novel, MEMORIES OF PARADISE and now, thanks to Rob Davis and his Redbud Studio, it is once again in print and you can order a copy at Amazon. It really is a gem of a book the the Air Chief recommends it highly.

And there you go for another busy week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks so much for stopping by.  We hope you like the new look of the place and we’ll join us again next week.

Ron – Over & Out!

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