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Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week I told you about how Spanish artist Cesar Midarro surprised us when he contacted us via Facebook asking if the Air Chief might be able to work with him on a comic project together. Which is such a rarity in this game, i.e. an artist looking for a writer. The end result was the Air Chief let Cesar have his 8 pg western strip, “The Silent Gun,” which he has begun to illustrate.


Here’s a sneak peek at the pencils for pg # 1.  We love it.  Cesar is doing an amazing job with this. So that was last week.  Look and behold, we open our e-mail this past Tuesday morning and find a message from as yet another Cesar.


This time it was a good friend from back east, Cesar Faliciano wanting to know if we would like to work with him on an action spy comic project called, “Jin & Tonik.” Seems Cesar has been developing this idea for a few years and now is at the point where he’d like to start having scripts done so he can start drawing the darn thing…and so he reached out to the Air Chief. And we couldn’t be more flattered…and thrilled.  “Jin & Tonik” are two really great characters, one Chinese, the other Russian; both raised to be deadly, unstoppable assassins. How they come together and what happens next is the crux of the story. Once we read Cesar’s outline, we were hooked and started getting all kinds of new ideas to embellish on the framework he’s built. Stay tuned, comic lovers, this one is going to be a wild ride.


Keeping with the comics themes, recently we’ve become not only good friends, but huge fans of comics creator Mike Belcher. For several years Mike has been working on a graphic novel starring his character, Man in the Mask. It is very much a throwback to good old fashion storytelling as exemplified during the Golden Age of comics. Mike does it all, from art to writing and lettering with his son Aiden doing a fantastic job of coloring. So a few days ago the mailman delivers me a package containing not only the graphic novel, but also the one shot Prelude from which the on-going series will continue. Reading these comics made the Air Chief feel like a kid again. Mike infuses that magic sense of fun and wonder comics were all about years ago…and some how seem to have drifted away from. Man in the Mask is a bonafide hit and if you love comics as much as we do, you really need to pick it up. You can order copies on-line here = (


Now the Air Chief thought it would be cool to have a picture taken holding up Mike’s great comics. Valerie was about to snap a pix, when our grandson, Alex, who had stopped over from a hard day of landscaping, thought it would be fun to photo-bomb his grandfather. And you know what, Loyal Airmen, as the nucleus of this series surround a boy and his hero grandfather, the Air Chief thought it only appropriate to keep Alex’s shot in this Flight Log. Again, please, pick up Mike’s comic, you’ll be happy you did.

And that’s it for this week.  As ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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