Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re going to start this week’s Flight Log with some truly exciting news. After being unable to attend PulpFest the past three years, due strictly to economic issues, Airship 27 Productions is now set to return to that wonderful convention this year. Yup, the Air Chief and his partner, artist Rob Davis will heading to Pittsburgh for the show held Aug 6th to Aug 9th. Having been a regular participants of the con while it was in Columbus, where it was launched, we’d tried stay with them when the show moved to Pittsburgh. Sadly the extra distance and poor attendance that initial year forced us to sit out the following years. Much to our dismay. We truly missed seeing so many of our friends and colleagues. Then last year the show announced a major jump in attendance; enough so that it was time for us to reconsider going back. After some lengthy discussions on how to overcome some of the remaining hurdles, we’re happy to report we came up with a travel plan that will make it feasible for us to be a part of this year’s con. In fact we announced it on our latest Airship 27 Podcast Episode # 60 which aired just a few days ago. You can find it at the You Tube link below. Bottom line here, we are thrilled and excited to be going back to PulpFest and hope you are too. Why not plan on joining us there. We’d love to see you. (

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On the comics front, LOTS of great project we’ve penned are moving along very nicely.  Going from left to right above we have. 1) Another page from the wacky DEATH DERBY, a manga inspired racing mayhem tale with art by Brian Loner. When completed, the strip will appear in several different black and white anthologies. 2) Page one a GREATER CALLING as illustrated by the fantastic Michael Belcher which introduces a brand new 40s style pulp hero, Nighshift. And finally 3) a panel from the opening sequence in the JIG & TONIK super-project we’re doing with Florida based artist Cesar Feliciano. This one is long and involved and we’re having a blast creating this truly decades long saga. As ever Loyal Airmen, we’ll keep you posted on all of them.

And that’s it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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