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Greetings Loyal Airmen. We’re delighted to see our viewing numbers are going up steadily per week and are truly appreciative so many of you Loyal Airmen have been opted to follow us every Friday. Now we want to you meet Andrea Bormida, the Italian artist who pulled me into working with him on this new sci-fi fantasy comic series we are calling BEYOND THE STARS.

ANDREACattura the All Mother 2

 Andrea is a 30 years professional comic artist. His love for comics started with American superheroes, and Disney’s adventures. He began his professional walk on Graziano Origa’s Videomax; a tribute to old daily strips. He then collaborated with Sergio Bonelli Editore for almost 25 years, mainly on the sci-fi series, including Legs Weaver, Nathan Never, Agenzia Alfa, Asteroide Argo. With a couple of digressions into the fantasy worlds of Jonathan Steele and Dragonero. Since 2018 he began an artist for hire journey, that led him to three numbers of Drew Eash’s Captain Luv; meanwhile he also did three numbers of Jason Barrett’s Heru. A collaboration that still goes on. At 54, he lives in Stresa, Italy. The character on the right is The All Mother, the governing ruler of the Haven Empire.

Cattura Arqa'HtAlien Arqa'Ht 2

The first thing we love to do when working with a new comic partner, is hopefully see if we mesh as a team. In his first early drafts to the Air Chief, Andrea send along several sketches of characters he envisioned for the story. One being the mysterious Arqua’Ht. Whereas, after reading his bare bones outline, we thought it might be advantageous to introduce an actual alien character to the mix and we suggested he use her. Within a day, Andrea had morphed her into the Alien Arqua’Ht. We couldn’t be more more delighted.

Cattura AreNal (2)Cattura AreNal Hypothesis

Cattura Ar'Naal pinupCattura Ant'Heem pinup

ArNal was another character we introduced to the plot. Andrea immediately did up the sketch (upper top left) then to give us another option, drew the same character only older. In the end we settled for him being in-between, middle age with graying hair. (lower colored version). This is why the Air Chief loves doing comics, the opportunity co-create with another talented soul. We will continue to keep you posted on the development of this project and ultimately what comic company has accepted it for publication.

RAIZEE THE RAM & The Wooden Blace


Another on-going comic series we are involved was kicked off several years ago when the Air Chief had the good fortune to meet artist Olivia DeGaine. Both Olivia and her husband Zane are graduates of the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art in New Jersey who moved to Fort Collins years ago. Becoming friends with them, one day we mentioned a fantasy style script we’d written with animal characters. Olivia has a fondness for anthropomorphic characters (she’s also a huge animation fan) and we shared our script with here. She decided the protagonist should be a ram and thus was born the warrior Raizee who travels the land with his Vulture side-kick Jones.  He also wields a magic wooden blade that makes it impossible for him to be defeated in battle. To date Olivia published one issue of the series via their Pulp Fission imprint. See above.

TWB_lost love 01TWB_lost love 02TWB_lost love 03

At present she is hard at work on Issue # 3 and above are the first three pages. All that remains to be added are the captions and dialog. In this adventure, Raizee crosses path with an old love. We love Olivia’s work and can’t wait to this new issue completed. As ever, Loyal Airmen, we’ll keep you posted.



Although busy with his day job and holiday madness, artist Cesar Feliciano did begin work on Pg # 16 which finally introduces Russian Captain Darya Tonikova to our story. He was most gracious to send along the panel above for all you Loyal Airmen. Trust me what happens next kicks butt. Oh, yeah.


Finally well over 15 yrs ago we created the Brother Bones pulp series, starring the Undead Avenger and his exploits in the dark brooding Northwest port metropolis of Cape Noire. One of the most popular denizens of that place was Harry Beest, the mobster whose brain was removed from his body and put into that of a silverback gorilla. Since his debut, Beest has been the one character fans can’t get enough of. Which got the Air Chief thinking about a year ago as to how Beest’s full story had really never been told. His origin, in that first collection (see cover above) was told in just two paragraph. In and out and off to the races we went. Whereas there was indeed a whole lot more to the tale and we’ve always wanted to correct that by writing it all out. Thus six months ago we began writing “Cape Noire – A Beest & Beauty Tale,” a prequel novel to the Bones series. As of today we are 60,000 words done and should have the book wrapped up by the end of the weekend. Oh yeah, this has been a story a long time in coming and we really hope all our Brother Bones fans are going to enjoy it. More later for sure.

Till then, we truly hope all you Loyal Airmen had a fantastic, blessed Thanksgiving.  As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!


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