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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we are happy to announce the release of Airship 27 Production’s 222 title. JENNA COYNE MYSTERIES.

Jenna CoyneFRNT

Written my Boston based Robert Ricci, this is the debut of a new series featuring a very likeable new female detective. Jenna Coyne lives in Boston’s North End, working for a sleazy insurance company. When her apparent is broken into by mistake by two drug dealers looking for one of her neighbors, Jenna gets is involved and is soon playing Nancy Drew. Volume one feature two complete stories, interior art by artist Jason Wren and a beautiful cover by Ted Hammond. (Above) As ever available now in paperback from Amazon and on Kindle. We think you Loyal Airmen are really going to like this one.


On the comic front, we’re happy to report that the second issue of THE WOODEN BLADE is coming along nicely. This is a fantasy series created by the Air Chief and fellow Fort Collins neighbor, the talented Olivia DeGaine. We first met Olivia at a local convention here in town. She and her husband, Zane, are both comic creators and graduate of the Joe Kubert Graphic Arts college in New Jersey. Olivia has a talented for drawing anthropomorphic creatures, i.e. intelligent animals populating comic tales. Such was Raizee the Ram, the hero of this series. Olivia has been hard at work on issue number two and to the left above is a page from it. No worries, we’ll keep you posted as it progresses. Meanwhile, the first issue (cover to left above) is still available from (

Calero Bat Colors v3sm

Remember that Black Bat – Domino Lady graphic collection coming from Moonstone in Nov? Well it is in the final stages of production and will contain at least 175 pgs, if not more. Joe Gentile has done an amazing job putting this package together. Above is an early idea for the cover from Doug Klauba, not the final one, but we wanted to share it with all you Loyal Airmen. Now most comic shops will NOT carry this book unless you personally order it from them. Remember, the book is due out in Nov, so if you’d like a copy, tell your comic shop now. As ever, thanks for your support.

Ron – Over & Out!

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