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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as all of you know by now, the best selling series from Airship 27 Productions is our “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective” anthologies.  To date we’ve published 12 volumes and number 13 is now in production.  One fun note is that British writer I.A. Watson has had a story in each and every single volume. A few years ago, to applaud that fact, we collected all of Watson’s stories from volume one through to six in one book. Ian added a then unpublished story, and we released it as a Kindle Only edition.


Much to our delight that collection has sold extremely well and continues to do so. Thus when Watson approached us recently to do a second Kindle Only Edition, we jumped at the chance.


Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by I.A. Watson Vol Two collects Watson’s stories from volumes 7 through 12 of “Consulting Detective” as well as a new, unpublished tale. Ian Watson is a truly gifted writer and he loves these characters. His stories are simply wonderful. So if you are a Loyal Airmen with a Kindle, we recommend you download this treasure. You’ll be glad you did.



Over the past few years one of the finest writers we’ve ever had the pleasure of working  with at Airship 27 Productions is Fred Adams Jr. A retired college professor who taught writing for many years, now Fred is creating his own masterful works. Above are covers that represent five of the six on-going series he is writing for us.  All of them are exception and terrific reads. Soon we will be producing a book that will act as a Fred Adams sampler and it will contain a story from each of his six series. Called “Fred Adams Jr. – Pulp Writer,” we are really excited about this title. Keep following this Flight Log for updates.


As for comics news, the Air Chief today finished the second chapter of the new Jin & Tonic project he is doing with super talented artist Cesar Feliciano. It is the sage of two assassins, one Chinese and one Russian and how each was manipulated from birth to become deadly killers. Above is a color of Darya Tonikova. Cesar came up with the core concept and then handed it to the Air Chief. Seeing the potential of this spirit vs science foundation, we’ve been having a blast bringing this story to life. The first chapter ran 27 pgs long and the second went to 50. When completely illustrated, these 87 pgs will make up the first graphic novel in the Jin & Tonic series. It is Cesar’s hope to fund the books through on-line programs such as Kickstarter etc. It will be dependent on you, our fans, to tell us if you really want this series by your support. We’re keeping our fingers crossed you will want to jump on board. Personally, the Air Chief hasn’t had this much fun writing a tale since our Green Hornet days long ago. Again, we’ll be sure to keep you posted, Loyal Airmen.

And there you have it for this week, as Feb rolls along.  See you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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