Greeting Loyal Airmen, below is Press Release from Pulp Fest that came out on Monday.

he PulpFest Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that eleven individuals and one organization have been nominated by their peers for the 2021 Munsey Award. This annual award is named after Frank A. Munsey — the man who published the first pulp magazine. It recognizes an individual or organization that has bettered the pulp community, be it through disseminating knowledge about the pulps or through publishing or other efforts to preserve and foster interest in the pulp magazines we all love and enjoy. Congratulations to all of the nominees for this prestigious award presented annually at PulpFest.

The nominees listed below — who received multiple nominations — will be forwarded to a committee made up of all the living LamontMunsey, and Rusty Award winners who will select the recipient of this year’s Munsey Award.

The fellow names and their respective credit works were listed in alphabetical order.  John Bentancourt, Richard Bleiler,Gene Christie,William Contento,Rich Harvey,Chris Kalb,Gary Phillips,Sheila Vanderbeek, Howard Wright & Dan Zimmer. Topping the list was the one organization – Airship 27 Productions.


The image above is only a portion of the framed print given out to the winner. Honestly, the Air Chief and Art Director Rob Davis are thrilled in the fact that the nomination did not single out an individual but the actual Airship 27 Productions, which is a testament to all our writers and artists who over the years have made the Airship 27 fly so high. This is YOUR nomination Loyal Airmen can’t thank you enough for that.


Making it official, Loyal Airmen, THE ADVENTURES OF RADIO RITA is happening and Teel James Glenn, Gene Moyers, Mel Odom & Samantha Lienhard have signed on. Each will write an adventure on the very brief little physical outline the Air Chief wrote up for her. Meaning, they have nothing but her weight, height, color of eyes and hair and the one fact that she is a pilot. The rest, as they say, will be up to them…and we can’t wait to see what they deliver, each putting their own unique stamp on our gal.

Consulting16-4And finally we are currently in production of Volume 17 of our bestselling series – Sherlock Holmes : Consulting Detective. This one will feature 5 new stories with Art Director Rob Davis as always doing all the interior illustrations. Above is a sneak-peek at one of these, this one from a story by R.A. Jones we found particular touching. Scene has Doctor Watson assisting a young boy in the burying of his pet dog. Trust us, Loyal Airmen, this is one Sherlock Holmes story you won’t want to miss.

And there you have, Loyal Airmen, this week’s Flight Log. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll hopefully see you back here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!

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