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Greetings Loyal Airmen. We’re excited to introduce you all to the Air Chief’s newest class of comics writing students.


Here we have Vincent Vidaurri and the two characters he created for his idea proposal. The Brit barbarian general was drawn by our own Rob Davis and the Roman Emperor by pal Cesar Feliciano.

NATEBaronLeedsScarion Redshire

And here we have Vincent’s son, Nathanael Vidaurri with his characters. Hero flier is by Rob and the enemy flier to right is by Mike Belcher. This is the first time we’ve ever had a father and son in the same class. Both are extremely talented but in totally different ways.

STEPHENKaren MatthewsThe Ghost

Writing student Stephen Beer is creating a horror concept with his leading lady battling a vengeful ghost throughout multiple lifetimes. The art on both illustrations by Kevin Wiggins, a friend who has never said no to us.


Taking her inspiration from the old Muppet show gag, “Pigs in Space,” student Donna Braginetz has created “When Pigs Can Fly,” a comedy sci-fi series. Above her hero Captain and to the right one of the space pirates. Art by a dear friend and former student, Olivia DeGaine.


And much to everyone’s delight, Olivia made a surprise visit to the class Tuesday and we snapped this picture of her and Donna together, holding up Olivia’s illustrations of Donna’s character. Then Olivia was gracious enough to take our official class photo, with Ye Old Air Chair joining his really talented quartet of writers.  We love teaching this class and hope to continue doing it for a long-long time.


When our children reached school age, they didn’t waste a second telling their teachers that their Dad made comic books and just like that we found myself giving little presentations at their schools. Later it was my grand kids who got us hooked into these informal school appearances. And honestly, we had a great time doing them. In our home here in Fort Collins, we happen to be neighbors with the wonderful Good Samaritan senior living facility and without elaborating on how, let’s just say they learned of our writing comics and invited us to come and talk to their residents about our career yesterday afternoon. We began my talk with letting them know they were by far the oldest “kids” I’d ever addressed. Valerie and the Air Chief were there for an hour and it was a blast meeting these amazing folks.


A little footnote to this. Valerie took the above to photos, note the elderly gentlemen in the foreground listening to the Air Chief. BOTH of them were veterans of World War II. It was a real honor for us to meet them.

And there you have it for this week’s Flight Log Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you bac here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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