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Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Well last week saw the debut of the first ever Estes Park Comic Con. If you’ve never been to the small Colorado town of Estes Park, you’ll find it nestle in a valley in the Rocky Mountains. A more bucolic setting for a comic convention the Air Chief has never been too.


Upon setting up our table Friday morning, we sat back and this was our view.  Just amazing.


Valerie and the Air Chief (at top left) traveled to the show with our Fort Collins friends, Olivia & Zane DeGaine, (at top right) who it turns out happily were our con neighbors. Which only made the show that much more fun. Olivia had copies of The Wooden Blade # 1, the comic series she and the Air Chief created together. It was a delight watching whenever she sold one and would autograph it. Both she and Zane are wonderful artists who actually met while attending the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art in New Jersey. If all goes well, the Air Chief will also be doing a project with Zane some time next year.


Of course the fun of such shows is the costume players (Cosplayers for short) and Estes had lots of them, including the five truly creative ladies seen above here who stopped by our tables.


One industrious young lady came to the show every day in a new outfit. Now that’s creativity. So all in all for a first time show, Estes Park was fun and we are hoping they’ll  be back next year.


And while the Air Chief was busy at the con, our Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis was busy at the old Hanger 27 putting the final touches on our second class comic, Front Range Tales # 2.  As many of you Loyal Airmen are aware, the Air Chief teaches How to Write Comics & Graphic Novels at a local community college. After our first class last Fall, we put together a comic, Front Range Tales # 1 all written by our students. So in the Spring of this year we had the second class, made up of Scott Ladzinski  (photo left to right) Max Williams, and to our left, Olivia Degaine. So each of them wrote a story for the second issue.  Rob drew Scott’s story, Gary Kato did Olivia’s and Kevin Wiggins took on Max’s. The cover is by Rob from Olivia’s story and the comic is now at the printer’s. We will have it at the Fort Collins Comic Con next month (Aug 24-25) at Olivia and Zane’s table. We all hope you’ll come and check it out. Meanwhile the Air Chief is gearing up for Class # 3 which kicks off on the 5th of Sept.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, thanks ever for stopping by and we’ll be back in seven

Ron – Over & Out!



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