• On 29 May | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen, with Memorial Day behind us, looks like all of us are wondering what this Covid 19 summer is going to look like and what we’ll be able to do…and not do. Still, despite even the most stringent restrictions, creative people find a way to stay positive and keep doing what they do best.


People like our good friend, artist Gary Kato who just wrapped up his work on the newest issuse # 16. Above is the start of the cover before Art Director Rob Davis adds the logo and other text. Seen here are Jiggy behind the wheel and his pal, Portland Police Detective Lt. Boltz…and we won’t say too much more, only that this issue features an 8 pg back story starring two of Jiggy’s pals, Blimp & Turtle. It was written and illustrated by our pal Jon Bonjour and lettered by the amazing Elisa St. John. We think all our Jiggy fans are going to get a big kick out of this issue. We’ll keep you posted.


Another comic project we’ve been talking about for the past three years is all the Black Bat comic stories we penned for Moonstone Books. Well, the published 3 issue mini-series GUNS OF THE BLACK BAT, which was released, is now being collected, along with a yet unpublished 4 issue mini and all 7 comics will appear between the covers of this mega collected entitled BLACK BAT – DOMINO LADY – Danger: Coast to Coast. Not only do these stories start these two classic pulp heroes, but joining them at various points in the action are the Phantom Detective, Jim Anthony Super Detective, the Laughing Man, Airboy, I.V Frost, Nighthawk and Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord. If that isn’t a classic pulp heroes mash up, we don’t know what is. The cover for this treasure collection is by the Pulp Factory Award winning Douglas Klauba. As of now, we don’t know when this will be out. Diamond Distributors only recently started shipping to comic shops again. Out best guest is the end of summer. As ever we’ll keep you posted Loyal Airmen as we really don’t want you to miss this one.


Finally we’ve spent the past few days working on the next Bay Phantom book by Chuck Miller. With fingers crossed will have it for you in a few weeks. Above is an interior illustration by artist Kevin Paul Shaw Broden and next to that a custom Pay Phantom figure done by our pal Jase Marshal. Both look fantastic. Stay tuned.

Ron – Over & Out!

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