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Greetings Loyal Airmen, looks like it didn’t take long for our vacation mode to be dispelled.  Upon getting back to Hangar 27 the Air Chief found a box full of goodies.


Our comp copies of the new Moonstone title – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar had arrived.  Here we are holding up a copy of both the softback (with cover by Doug Klauba) and hardback (with cover by Adam Shaw). Both are fantastic. You can only obtain a copy by going to the Moonstone we-store. Link below.

(  It has a some great stories and if you like mysteries, this one is for you, Loyal Airmen.

RA799BackNick Santa Maria

Last Friday, Radio Archives released our aviation pulp adventure NIGHTHAWK with the amazing voice actor Nick Santa Maria doing the reading. Nick gives so much life to the Air Chief’s tale, it was for us as if hearing it for the first time ever.  You can either get it via digital download or as a 4 CD disc set. Below is the link to where to find it and other Airship 27 titles Radio Archives will soon be released.

(  Tell them the Air Chief sent you.


As all you Loyal Airmen know, our Airship 27 logo was designed all those years ago by our Art Director Rob Davis and early on we used it on lots of things. One was a baseball cap with the Air Chief actually wore so much, it eventually just fell apart.  Well the other day we finally went and ordered up a new one that just came in. Those of you who will see us at cons this year can expect us to be wearing it proudly.

Brother Bones page 7 sample rough pencils

On the comics front, we’re happy to report that artist Jim O’Riley is doing some great preliminary work on our Brother Bones graphic novel. Above is a sample page from early in the story. We absolutely love it.


Finally, look what just arrived in the mail!  Going to sit down and give this a listen over the weekend.  As ever thanks for stopping by Loyal Airmen and we’ll see you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!

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