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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope all of you are doing your best to stay safe this holiday season, at the same finding ways to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. This week we’ve got a few odds and ends to share with you.


Last week we shared with you how artist Cesar Feliciano was experimenting with different styles to employ when the time comes to launch our new comics series JIN & TONIC.  Here are two new pieces he’s done. The one on the left works beautifully as it immediately shows you how deadly martial artist Sammy Jin is, whereas the illo on the right is a totally miss. As we explained to Cesar, after seeing it, the clothing gives off a John Travolta vibe from the classic movie “Pulp Fiction” which is all wrong for our story and who Sammy really is. Likewise, Darya Tonikova is a Russian military assassin, who wouldn’t ever be seen in public that skimpy get-up…..unless she was in disguise. Cesare in the agreed with our assessment and continues to draw.


Of course any good story not only needs heroes, but villains as well and we have a great one in JIN & TONIK; none other than Sammy Jin’s Uncle Wei. Master of the Black Lotus Clan, he’s a nefarious character and lots of fun to write.

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Also last week the Air Chief ranted and raved about our new Moonstone Comic collection “The Black Bat – Domino Lady – Danger Coast to Coast” was finally out and available. Several days later, our good buddy, artist Mike Belcher suprised us with his own pin-up rendition of these classic pulp heroes. We love it. Mike has a knack of drawing like the old pros of the 40s and 50s…oh the coloring on his piece is by his son, Aiden Belcher. We love their work and hope to eventually do a really long comic project with both of them.


Finally, we’ll this week’s Flight Log with as yet another great illustration of Darya Tonikova from Cesar. This one he just wrapped up a few days ago and is totally what this Russian super woman is all about.

And with that, we close this week’s entry.  Please continue to be safe out there and we’ll see you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!

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