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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ve tons of fun pictures to share with all of you from our time at last weekend’s Wicked West Comic Expo. The show was great. At present, Valerie and the Air Chief are all packed up and flying off to Chicago this afternoon to attend this year’s Windy City Pulp & Paper Show, which is why you are seeing this Friday Flight Log a day early. So let’s get rolling.



Valerie and the Air Chief went to the hall in Loveland, CO. on Friday afternoon to set up our table. There we hooked up with many of the other guests and vendors the same thing. Everyone was excited for the show.


The wonderful folks from Faraway Creations were busy setting up their display featuring Bonnie the Bantha from Stars and our pal Bret Smith wasted no time get on board. These people are truly remarable with their creations. We were also happy to see our writing pal, Aaron Powers had a table directly across the aisle from ours.


To Aaron’s left was sci-fi writer and wild man, Terry Crowley, and then came art teacher Jesse Bonafazi and some of his students. Jesse makes custom action figures and they are great.


Going left to writer above, the Air Chief with artist Abe Akins, sci-fi comic artist Guy Davis and his great new cut out of his lead character in “Bellatrix Rising,” and happily one of really good amigos, fantasy adventure writer Scott Ladzinski showed up to say hi.


One of the big guest was Ben Dunn of Warrior Nun and Ninja High School Fame.  Way back at the start of our comic career Ben and the Air Chief did a fun Popeye comic together. It’s since become a classic among Popeye fans and collectors. This was the first time we ever met and that proved to be a blessing. He is truly a wonderful soul and we hit it off immediately. To far right the Air Chief stands with the dude totally responsible for this great con, our pal Todd Jones. See the halo on his head. Chuckle. Really, one has to be a saint to put on a comic con like Wicked West and make it work so dang well.


Another attendee was Tim Moret, the man behind Novermber’s Rocky Mountain Con in Denver. It is our favorite show of the year and we look forward to it again this year. Tim’s a great guy. Seated to our right once again our con-neighbors were our dear friends, the super talented husband and wife time of Pulp Fission press, Olivia & Zane DeGaine.

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While Olivia and the Air Chief are working on a two year old project called “The Wooden Blade,” Zane and the Air Chief began a new western mini-series to be called “Hamlet’s End.” As it was nowhere ready for this particular show, Zane printed up 25 ashcans which contained the first five pages completed, lots of sketches, and even some sample script pages with a cover that only featured the series’ logo. Thus anyone purchasing one of these collectibles could have Zane do an original sketch on the cover. Any of your Loyal Airmen wanting one of these ashcans can contact Zane directly. ZANE DeGAINE <> Issue # 1 of Hamlet’s End will launch as a Kickstarter Campaign late summer. We’ll keep you posted.


There you have it, Loyal Airmen, our Wicked West Comic Expo report. Can’t wait for next year’s show.


22 clr part3

With only a few more weeks to wrap up our Kickstarter Campaign for issue # 2 of BEYOND THE STARS, artist Andrea Bormida is hard at work on issue # 3. Above some of the early pencils etc. Note, with only ten days left, our Campaign for funding # 2 is reaching the half-way mark of our goal. We truly need all you Loyal Airmen to help us reach that goal. Note, even if you missed out on Issue # 1, it is available via this campaign. (


Finally we’re going to leave you with the above logo. Sort of a tease of some rather big news announced recently. We’ll explain in full detail once home from Chicago. Till then, be well and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!!

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