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It always amazes me how much we all rely on computers today. In one lifetime, the world has be come so dependent on these machines that when they do break down, as all machines do every now and then, we’ seem to suffer beyond reason. And the Air Chief finds himself in sad state of affairs as our own PC crashed last week and is now out being repaired. Leaving us to do our best with Valerie’s laptop. Thank God we had. Okay, enough whining, on to this week’s Flight Log.


You’ll recall how last week we gave you Loyal Airmen a peek at some of the titles on the way to include SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective Vol 13 and how artist Michael Youngblood’s cover would be an homage to the late Sydney Paget. Well take a look at that very cover now in progress above. Michael is doing a fantastic job. Fingers crossed once he wraps it up, the actually book should be out a few days later.


Now for the latest on the newest comic edition of FRONT RANGE TALES. This is the comic the Air Chief puts together using scripts from his How to Write Comics class at the local community college. This past week artist Mike Belcher turned in the finished pages for student David Drasheff story “Under Pressure.” As ever Mike did a great job. See page one above.


Then a few days ago artist Luis Rivera send along this rough composition of the story he’s drawing for us based on Josh Green’s story. It’s going to be amazing. With fingers crossed we should have the book out in mid Feb.

And that’s our news for this week Loyal Airmen.  Hopefully next week we will be announcing our firs title release of the year.  Talk to you then.

Ron – Over & Out!

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