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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you can see by the photo above, the Air Chief is a happy soul this week as we finally received copies of our play book which we recently had published.  It is a three act romantic comedy that we wrote about our parents love story. It is now officially available at so all you actors, directors and other theater types, do check it out.  And thanks ever.

A few days after writing the above, a writer friend, Michael Housel, sent us a review of the play, which caught the Air Chief totally by surprise. Thanks so much Michael for these kind words. (


A fan on-line recent did an interview with the Air Chief. If you’re interested, you can cut and paste this link below to your search browser.  ( And the image above was done of us by pal Gary Kato.


Finally a while back we reported that we would soon be producing a pulp novel based on the old Eternity/Malibu comic series SCIMIDAR by writer R.A. Jones and our own Art Director, Rob Davis. Well, the novel is finished and Rob is now working on the interior illustrations.  Above is his first concept sketch. Been a while but it’s clear his fondness for the character hasn’t lessened one degree. Look for this one by the middle of Feb, all fingers crossed.

And that Loyal Airmen, is it for this week.  As ever thanks for stopping by,

Ron – Over & Out!

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