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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we’re delighted to announce the publication of the second issue of “The Wooden Blade” as created by the Air Chief and his dear friend, artist/writer Olivia DeGaine.


A quick recap. A year or so after having moved to Fort Collins, CO, Valerie and the Air Chief met Zane and Olivia DeGaine at the annual Fort Collins – FoCo Con. As they are both super talented comics writers and artists, we all hit it off and became good friends. At point point the Air Chief mentioned a short 8 page fantasy script we’d written entitled “The Wooden Blade.” It has been intended for another artist who wanted to so a series featuring anthropomorphic animals as the characters. Sadly, though he liked my script, he was unwilling to share ownership of the concept and bowed out. When Olivia asked what kind of animal the hero was, the Air Chief told her she could make him whatever she wanted, if he joined me in the project. Considering Fort Collins is the home of Colorado State University and their sports mascot is a ram, it was only fitting Olivia made Raizee and sword wielding ram. And so issue # 1 was completed much to all our delight. Now, after several years, she has wrapped up work on issue # 2 (see cover above at far right) and it features two stories, one by the Air Chief, the other by Olivia…with her handling all the art chores from pencils to inks, letters and that awesome cover. Ergo, the issue will make its public debut at the end of Aug at this year’s FoCo. The Air Chief can’t wait to get his hands on a copy. Oh, yeah.


Cattura 09 clr

Artist Andrea Bormida continues his wonderful work on our “Beyond the Stars” issue # 2. Above is his completed Pg # 9. Two more pages and we’ll have reached the half way mark of the issue. Moving right along, Loyal Airmen.



Every now and then someone will post a picture on Facebook that makes us laugh aloud. Such as the photo-shopped pix above. Our good friend James Gaubatz saw it and posted it to his page. Upon seeing it we knew we had to share it with all you Loyal Airmen. We’d imagine if this had actually been the Tin Man of OZ, the story might just have ended in a totally different way.  Ha, ha.



As most of you Loyal Airmen know, the Air Chief is a huge fan of the silent sci-fi classic film, “Metropolis” by German filmmaker Fritz Lang. Several years ago Airship 27 published a new anthology featuring stories that took place in that fictional setting. It was a huge success and we are now in the process of assembling “The Towers of Metropolis” Vol 2. Hard at work on the interior illustrations is artist James Lyle. Above right is his latest illustrations submitted earlier in the work. The volume will also feature a cover by Lyle. Stay tuned. More as the project develops.


Jain(1)01 Page 10 inked

Artist Ariel Aguire wraps his inks on Pg 10 of “Ghost World” our newest story featuring space smuggler Captain Jain Marlee. Only two more to go. We love how it is all coming out.



Finally for all our Loyal Airmen here in Fort Collins, the Air Chief will not only be a guest at this year’s Fort Collins Con, we will also be doing a 45 minute presentation on the history of the Green Hornet from radio to comics. Hope you’ll be able to join us. Above to left is Martin Grams’ amazing history of the character which all GH fans should have. It’s available from Amazon. And of course the comic cover on the right is by Jim Steranko which launched the Now Comics series we wrote and Jeff Butler illustrated.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


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