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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well last weekend our beloved Red Sox clinched the American League East Division Championship for the third straight year in a row ending the best season of any Red Sox team in the club’s history with 108 wins. An all time high. Now we wait until Friday afternoon (the same day you are reading this) to see who they will be playing against for the first round of the play-offs. It will either be the Oakland Athletics or our old nemesis, the New York Yankees. Either way, we are full into October baseball and that’s a whole new season.


On the comics front, pal Warren Montgomery via his Will Lill Comics released the 10th issue of FUN ADVENTURE COMICS and this one features a Mask of the Gargoyle we wrote ages ago for creator Dario Carrasco. It is a 16 pager called “The Rocket’s Red Glare” and was illustrated by a Cuban artist named Montos. Issue # 10 here offers up the first 8 pgs of that strip. The second half will appear in issue # 11.  You can find this title on Kindle.


Here the Air Chief holds up his copies of FUN ADVENTURE COMICS! # 10.

At the same, Redbud Studio is releasing the entire 18 pg Mask of the Gargoyle feature along with two other strips.  Here is the official Press Release : ALL STAR PULP COMICS Volume 4 REDBUD STUDIO & AIRSHIP 27 presents this newest issue featuring three amazing heroes: Mask of the Gargoyle (created by Dario Carrasco) as he battles remnants of the Third Reich in “Rockets Red Glare”; golden age comics great The Veiled Lady as she takes on crooked government officials in “The Veiled Avenger” and; Major Liberty, where the U.S. Army debuts its very own super-heroine “Operation: American Maid.” Amazing pulp comic adventures featuring writer Ron Fortier with artists Montos, Kevin Broden and Kevin Wiggins. Edited by Rob Davis. This is 40 pages of non-stop action pulp style!  Cover by Rob Davis pits our three heroes against an army of ninjas.

Available from Amazon. (


Finally this week we wanted to share what is perhaps the funniest pix of the Air Chief ever taken. As you’ll recall a few months back, Rob Davis joined us here in Fort Collins for the annual Fort Collins Comic Con. At one point he and the Air Chief did an hour long panel on connection between pulps and comics in America.


On hand was photographer Mike Barry who took the above picture.  When we saw it, we couldn’t help but laugh and shared it with Rob. To which he offered up the obvious caption for what the Air Chief is whispering to him behind my mouth.  “Hey, Rob, where’s the table?”

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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