RMC # 5

  • On 6 Oct | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, we just came home from last weekend’s wild and wonderful Rocky Mountain Con down in Denver. It was the show’s 5th year and we tip our hats to promoter and good friend Tim Moret for putting on another truly awesome comic con. Above the Air Chief is all set up and ready to roll.


One of our best surprises was learning we’d been set up alongside comics pro artist and all around great guy, Bob Hall. Bob has been a regular at RMC the past few years but we never had the opportunity to meet him until this weekend. Marvel got into the industry only a few years before us and worked at such houses as Marvel, DC and Valiant. Sitting beside him all weekend, we got to share and swap stories. It was a blast.


Another great reunion was hooking up with again with artist Barry McClain, one of the most talented and hard working artist we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Barry and the Air Chief actually met at the second RMC and from that did the second issue of the private eye series PRICE FOR THE ASKING. He remains as energetic and enthusiastic as ever. Here’s hoping we get to do another project real soon.


Of course what’s a comic con without cos-players and RMC 5 had its share. We wish we could have taken lots more pictures, but we did manage to break away from our table to get a few like the excellent Two-Face above and of course from Star Wars, Asoka Tano, our personal favorite character from the Clone Wars cartoons.


On the last day of the show, a lovely vampire popped up in the booth to our left, which was occupied by a group of professional photographers doing photo-shoots.  So for fifteen minutes we watched as she bared her fangs, struck various poses and had a fun time. As she was wrapping it all up, we grabbed a copy of our graphic novel DAUGHTER OF DRACULA and asked if she be kind enough to pose holding the copy.  And there it is. Con people are just really great.


And finally, as always, lots of the Air Chief’s fans out there often come to the show with copies of some of older works to include either the Terminator books or Green Hornet. Several fans this show actually had copies of Now Comics Green Hornet # 1 written by the Air Chief and drawn by Jeff Butler, with stunning cover by Jim Steranko. We love signing these as they always bring back such great memories.


On the pulp front, this past week Airship 27 Productions released Fred Adams Jr.’s third book in his weird western series, Six-Gun Terrors, this one is sub-titled The Slithering Terror and for obvious reason when you see Ted Hammond’s creepy cover above here. When thousands of snakes begin attacking people and livestock, General Sherman, the Federal Representative in the west, calls on his former Union Scouts turned cow-punchers, Durkin and McFee to accompany a troop of soldiers in investigating the bizarre goings on. Has nature simply run amuck or is there some sinister, supernatural force behind it all.  Available now at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle, and as always, Loyal Airmen, thanks for your support.


Finally, tomorrow, Sept 7th, the Air Chief, and a few of his Fort Collins comics pal, will be at the Monument Mall in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, for a one day comic event. So if you live anywhere near there, please stop on by and say hi. And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll be back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!

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