Greetings Loyal Airmen, for the past few weeks we’ve discussed the new volume of our best selling series, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.  As of today, that book, Vol 13, is now up at Amazon.


The book itself features stories by I.A. Watson, two in fact, then one each by S. Subramanian, Fred Adams Jr. and Dexter Fabi.  All are terrific Holmes & Watson mysteries. As always, Art Director Rob Davis did the great interior illustrations. The fun of this volume was artist Michael Youngblood’s cover in which he pays homage to the late illustrator, Sydney Page, who did so many of the illustrations for the original Conan Doyle stories in The Strand Magazine. We saw this as a way for all of involved with the series to acknowledge the artistic contributions Mr. Paget made to the history of the Great Detective. As ever the new volume is on sale at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We thank you all you Loyal Airmen for your continued support.


It is obvious by now that artist Cesar Feliciano loves how the Air Chief is developing his original graphic novel concept “JIN & TONIK.”  Above we have Russian commando turned assassin, Captain Darya Tonikova. She is one tough cookie and we too are eager to see this project develop. Once Cesar actually starts work on the first two chapters we’ve penned, then his plan is to start a funding program on-line to pay for everything. At which time, whether this comic sees publication or not will depend entirely on our fans.


For the past several years Radio Archives, a leading audio book recorder, has been partnered with Airship 27 Productions. In that time, Radio Archives has produced 125 Airship 27 audiobooks and made them available via  Effective Friday March 1st, 2019, Radio Archives will take over complete production of future Airship 27 titles and for the very first time sell them via their own popular website. Not only will New Pulp fans be able to purchase digital copies of these books, but CD sets as well. This is a first for Airship 27 Productions.

Our association with Radio Archives has been nothing but beneficial to our little company. With their recordings they have greatly increased our fan base. In fact this new evolution of having our books available on their site immediately opens 27 new distribution channels previously out of our reach. Naturally that number 27 is a definite good omen for us.


The first Airship 27 title to sell on the Radio Archives web store will be the recently released “CODENAME – INTREPID” by author Robert J. Mendenhall and is read by Paul Curtis. Fans can purchase either the digital download or the CD beginning on Friday. Also worth noting, all new titles will sell at a discounted 50% off cover price only during the first six days of the book’s posting. We urge our Loyal Airmen to take advantage of this truly amazing deal and to also sign up for the Radio Archives Newsletter so that they do not miss future title releases.


And that’s it for this week’s Flight Log. Thanks for stopping by and see you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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